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One year six months ago I was admitted for pneumonia and found I had stage II NSCLC. I go through radiation and chemo and was told due to my health and age I was a great candite for a Pneumonectomy giving me a great live span. I went through surgery and told sucessful. Within the first few months I was getting more pain and couldn't move my arm. It was stabbing pain in back and chest. Told normal, long recover process, and I went through a very serious surgery and will take time forall the nurves to ajust. A red circle appeared on my side and pain worsened to the point of couldn't sleep and stop crying. Finally the red mark turned into exploding and yellow fluid poured out. I went to the er and emergency surgery. I was sent home a week later with Hospice and told I had a just months. All this is one year six months. I don't even know what happen, from stage II and now I have months. Married, 49 with children, and searching for any information on something that I can do to live. Anyone ever have this happen or know someone and what they did to live? I don't know what to tell my fourteen year old Why can't I do anything to get better after telling him I made it through the surgery sucessful I was going to be here a long time.



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    Please get a second opinion at an NCCN affiliate hospital.

    This list will help you finds one closest to you.  Also, there are a number of clinical trials that are demonstrating amazing success for many, perhaps you could get into a trial or get compassionate use.  So very sorry you are going through this.  In four years of dealing with my own cancer, I've never heard if anything like it.

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    I am sooo very sorry you're having to go through this...

    My prayers are with you my friend. I wish there was something I could say but I am not too far off from your situation. The MRI of the necrosis in my brain apears as though it's killing brain tissue from inside. Necrosis in dying or dead brain tissue. Not hard to figure out what will happen if the necrosis spreads and more brain tissue dies and my brain continues to swell. It's god awful to look at the MRI KNOWING that is MY brain I'm seeing. If the current tumor doesn't get me the brain swelling from the necrosis just might. They said IF it spreads or swelling gets bad enough I will be in for a second brain surgery. Now trying to get better whatever that means, and I just may be forced to return to work or risk losing everything I own. I'm already losing my home to this as well. Not too far from being homeless. I'm working on doing something now though. I will fight and work my way through this until my last breath. You need to try and do the same. Thats all I can tell you is fight! fight! fight!!! for your life. Medical pot, whatever it takes to get the pain under control. I wish you the very best. Prayers sent to you and your family for healing. God Bless