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CT Results

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I had a CT on my chest yesterday to determine whether there were any mets from the kidney tumor discovered last week. I am thrilled to say that my chest CT came back clear!  Praise God!  Now I just have to get this thing cut out of me and start my road to recovery.  Incidentally, my headache, dizziness, and vertigo (those symptoms of which I have posted on these boards several times) let up a bit and eventually went away after finding out that this tumor hadn't spread.  Dr. appt on Tuesday to discuss removal and hopefully set a surgery date...crossing fingers that we can get it done quickly before this thing changes its mind and decides to move.

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Even I was not that excited about  getting the surgery over as much as you.


Sounds like the surgery should be a piece of cake.



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Well, Andy, I am glad your scan was clear.. yay!!!

Now of course you have that natural angst waiting for the surgery to be over. Soon.. soon enough.

BREATHE... BREATHE.. and do something that gives you comfort. This cancer scare does make one

more grateful for all we have, yes?


Know that we'll walk this journey along side you, if you want us to, ok?

Be good to yourself.. and keep us informed.

Gentle Hugs, Jan

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Hurray on the clear chest scan! I think with your attitude, the surgery should be a breeze! Keep us posted!



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So glad it's all clear. That's really good news.

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Great news.  Glad to hear.  Here's hoping your surgery is uneventful.

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Great news. I'm waiting for good news after the surgery

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Happy your chest scan went well . GOOD LUCK on surgery, it will be fine . My next chest scan is April of next year. had my Nep in APRIL of this year.

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