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Latest Journey

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After treating my husband's Hodgkins with ABVD, ESHAP, and brentuximab we decided that our best chance to get a clean scan was to go for a stem cell transplant. Our doctors biggest concern is that the cancer will return, so he suggested a tandem auto stem cell transplant. Chris got chemo on Tuesday and his cells on Wednesday. He's doing pretty well. Tired, nauseous, and sore. They did this one all out patient, so I am in charge of keeping him healthy at home. He will start his second round the week of Christmas. He will get 7 days of chemo and his cells back on the 8th day. That one will be harder, so he will be in the hospital until his counts come back up. Another thing we have going for us is that they are finally going to approve Brentuximab as a maintence drug for hodgkins, so he will also get 16 rounds of that after his 100 days! It's been over a year and we still have never seen a clean scan. :(

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Hi Chrisjag,

I got primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL) in March 2012. It is a kind of non-Hodgkin, a brain tumour. I got the same treatment as your husband will get, an autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT), preceded by 7 days of high dose chemo.

For my disease, ASCT is the best treatment in order to prevent a relapse. It is tough, and you can expect weakness and stomach trouble for some time afterwards, but in my opinion ASCT is certainly worth this price.

I wish you luck and health!



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