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Follicular Cancer and Autoimmune disease

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I just received my diagnosis of Stage III Follicular Thyroid Cancer in September of 2014. My thyroglobulin is unreadable because of antibodies in my blood which apparently shouldn't be there. I was told that autoimmune disease is a common partner to thyroid cancer by the nurse at my endocronolygist's office. I was wondering if anyone here is also experiencing both and how it has effected you? 

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I've been on this group for over three years and I've never heard of anyone having autoimmune disease.  Unless the nurse is talking about thyroglubulin autoantibodies, though I've never heard them described as autoimmune disease.  I suggest talking to your endocrinologist, if you don't want to possibly get the nurse in trouble, just say you don't understand the meaning of your lab results.


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Thank you for your reply!

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Hi i had Stage 1 follicular cancer with Hashimoto disease which is a autoimmune disease.

I am now 10 years cancer free but still have to deal with the autoimmune part.

Since having my thyroid out i can say i am a lot healthier.

What i have noticed is that my endurance is not like it was. Also when i do push my body it take a bit longer to recover.

My para thyroids were knocked around so they are not working fully so i was having some nasty leg cramps till i got on to some magnesium.

As for my Hashimotos i believe it is greatly affected by what i eat and lets just say it is a work in progress and i am human and dont always eat healthy.

So yes there are autoimmune diseases and you need to find our from your endocronolygist which one you have.

Hope this helps in your research.



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