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What to do?

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I had a polyp, which turned out to be cancerous, removed in October.  According to my CT scan and ultrasound, there is now no evidence of cancer.  However, the radiation oncologist recommends either a low anterior resection or a transanal excision with possible radiation.  He said that's the usual approach to my type of situation.  The medical oncologist says that I should wait and observe.  He thought that surgery, especially a low anterior resection, would be overkill.  My case will be presented to the cancer tumor board next week.  Hopefully it can come to an agreement about treatment.

I'm happy that no additional cancer was found but am having difficulty trying to figure out how two doctors could be so far apart in their recommendations.  Has anyone been in this predicament?


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What a dilema, caused by two Doctor's who should be in agreement over your treatment. 

I have been very blessed to have Oncologist and Radiation Oncologist who were on the same page. 

Have you thought about getting a second opinion? That may be the way to go, especially if you are at a place where you do not need to rush into surgery or treatment. 

You have come to the right place for help. There are many members here, some who may be in the same potistion or have been. 

I hope you can enjoy Thanksgiving, inspite of the worry that a Cancer diagnoisis brings. 

Sue - Trubrit

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I agree with Sue, I would think about getting a second opinion.  Being on board with a team you trust is the most important thing you can do for yourself.  It's a tough time but much easier when you trust the doctors.



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I don't believe that either of the two doctors you mention are surgeon.

I think I would get an opinion from someone who does that type of surgery.

I have to say that it seems like a surgeon might not want to do either procedure without any evidence of disease.

Wishing you the best.

Marie who loves kitties

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I'm seeing my surgeon on Dec. 1st.  He'll have the recommendations from the other 2 doctors by then but not the tumor board.  It will be interesting to see what he thinks.  Thanks to everyone for your imput.  I appreciate all of you.   Susan

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Don't forget that the only real second opinion is from a separate and independent institution. Doctors within the same institution are less likely to give you a objective opinion.

Take your time until you find someone you are comfortable with. Let us know and we will help you the best we can. I myself got many crucial help from this forum.


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I agree with Laz! I'd get a 2nd opinion from a completely different group so there is no conflict of interest. Many times doctors don't want to go against other doctors in their own group. Good luck!


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Welcome to the board and glad that you found us.  It's a good thing to even get a second opinion.  My radiologist suggested additional chemo for me to the other doctors and they were then all in agreement, but your doctors should be working together.  Are they all in the same network because if they are, there is no reason why they can't consult one another and give you a consensus answer.  It's ultimately going to be your decision, so whatever you decide make sure you are going to say I'm comfortable with it and never give yourself the "should I've done this, or I'm sorry that..."  Just make sure you are aware of your options - even getting a second opinion if need be.  Wishing you the best and glad you caught it early.


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