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AGS-003 personalized immunotherapy

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Has anyone ever heard of AGS-003( a piece of your own tumour is used and RNA extracted)personalized immunotherapy or been involved with a clinical trial using this.  Has there been good success with this? My father will be starting this trial in the next few months.

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Yes.  It appears to be quite effective for some.

I would like to suggest that you register at:


It's free.  You will find several patients and/or their caregivers over there who are or who have been in this clinical trial.

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Thanks  Nano, appreciate the heads up!

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I don't know where you live but I do know that Dr. Figlin at City of Hope in Southern California.

i contacted them for my husband who was dx stage 4, grade 2; they were looking for untreated patients so my husband didn't fit the requirements.

they use the kidney cancer surgically removed and then vaccinate the patient.

i am sure that others here can give you more information but it sure sounds promising 



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While I was getting and infusion, my parents spoke with the wife of a patient getting the treatment in Charlotte (it may have been another similar trial) he was 8-12 weeks in and saw shrinkage on his 1st Scan. He had 5 shots to take that were prepared for him from his tumor. I remember thinkinh that is not what we mormally see in an infusion room. I wish now that I stopped him and got the trial name. ( the room I get my infusions is strictly for phase I trials, so it makes sense the trial would be there I anywhere.

Please keep us posted on how that goes.


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