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Wishing all a very very happy Thanksgiving!

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May you eat too much, relax too long, watch too much football/tv, enjoy you family too much...In other words: Enjoy too much life and love!

I am truly thankful for all of you and your support these past few months.

Hugs and extra piece of pie from Ann Arbor.  


 Oh and PLEASE drive carefully!  Tonight is THE BIGGEST bar night of the year.  

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Aren't we all lucky to be here. Not to get emotional but here I am. Shouldn't be. But I am here due the dedication of my caregivers. How many times can I say this? Could it be my last one? Am I on my way to party with Tex, Ron, Blkjak, and Paula? Or do I wait a few more years? I am so thankful to have beaten the odds to this point.  I have a coping mechanism which allows me to block out thoughts. I can look forward to going on motorcycle trips next year. I've cleaned my golf clubs. Ready to go. Yet, I am still in neurogenic pain from my brachial clot. My upper extremity strength is like that of an 8 year old. Now I think I've broken another rib.(I've had 2 or 3 or 4 fracture from mets. over the last couple years.). It is strange to go from a life time exerciser with excellent strength to now. I am almost unable to use a broom or rake. Angec, my fingers won't work. My ax is on bedrest.

But I AM thankful. I can push my current state to the side. My pain isn't an 8 of ten all day. That being said, I think I feel great! So I reside in my happy brain most of the time. And LIFE is GOOD! After these issues resolve themselves, I'll be back running and lifting by spring. I expect that to just be the case. (then when newbies come onboard worrying about if their scar will be incisional or lapo, I'll just smile.) ..What a long, strange trip it's been...

Yeah, we have been diagnosed with cancer. Some of us will die...news flash, we are all going to die sometime anyway....Enjoy what you have. Time wasted worrying is never recoverable. Avoid negative thoughts. Keep your emotions positive. Remember, Don't complain when something stinks. Be thankful you have a nose.

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Seems like a cold turkey day from 30 miles away in West Bloomfield.




Keep on trotting. You are an inspiration to us all.




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A very happy Thanksgiving to veryone. I too am thankful for this forum and the help I've received from you. God bless!

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Yes, a very grateful time of year, but especially on THIS forum!!

I am thankful for ALL of you that bother to set out of your own discomfort or daily activities to come on here and support all of us. Know that I truly appreciate all of you!

Now after losing Ron (and others recently), I am more mindful of how precious time on earth truly is for us.

Hope you feel connected, and cared about.. at least by me!

Warmly, Jan

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a couple of thoughts on your post; the pain and disability (yes, it is disabling) are more than likely a result of your port and the lovely drugs that went through it, even if it was a year ago 

i also think that Ron's passing cast a pall over some with stage 4. With TW, he made it clear that his situation was not the norm but an unbelievably aggressive cancer. Ron passed suddenly from complications which sent a bit of panic since it could happen to anyone 

so, unless you know more than you're sharing, I fully expect you to stick around for a while 


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We Canadians have already had our Thanksgiving in early October. But that doesn't take away from the fact that I am very thankful for many things.

I am thankful to be healthy (fingers crossed), and happy. I am very thankful and grateful to have met this wonderful group, here on CSN. Your compassion, knowledge, support has been beyond any expectation. I value your friendship, and, in fact, consider you to be a part of my family. I am humbled by your strength, grace and your big ol' hearts. Even when you are knocked down a notch or two, by that nasty fiend, cancer - you take it like a champ, jump up, brush yourself off, and start fighting again. And to the caretakers on this forum: THANK YOU for your kindness, support and generosity of precious time and spirit. You are all a key part in all of this and we couldn't do this without you!

And this is our time to take a moment to remember our dear friends and loved ones who have had to leave us, but are always in our hearts.

Enjoy your time with family and friends! Here's to good health and much happiness!

Happy Thanksgiving and Cheers and hugs



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Already looking forward to the Macy's parade next Thanksgiving when my grandson's Walled Lake Central High School Band will be in the parade. He is one of the drummers.



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Will be sure to watch parade next year just to see his band play.  Wishing were watching parade with my granddaughter this morning...but thankful I got to sleep in instead 8-)

Foxhound you are an amazing person.  Everyione is here.  

Thank you all. 

now off ot run and then get the pie ready.  Go Lions(?)

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Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful to be alive, have a warm house, a car to drive, food to eat, friends and family and a job. Thankful for you all. Thankful for my dog, who is always happy to see me with tail wagging, no matter what.  Live each day to the fullest, we only get one chance at life. I wake up each morning and thank God I am alive, and for all my blessings. There are so many that I used to take for granted. Even though cancer sucks, I think we are lucky to have a new appreciation for life because of it.

Fox, I had a clot in my arm from a PICC line this summer. I still have problems with that arm - is this a forever thing or something that gets better? I can't lift weights with that arm and even over use on the computer gets painful, plus sleeping on that arm is a no-no. I wasn't sure it was muscular or the clot. 


God Bless!


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Good question. My clots are probably from my picc lines also. Even though it has been a year since I've had one. A slow builder I guess. My arm and shoulder feel as though I have been beat by a pool cue. I have had to sleep on my back. Fortunately I can. It seems to me that I have seen people with dvt issues have had them for a long time. Corey Everson was a champion womens body builder from about 25-30 years ago. She was able to compete after a dvt diagnosis, but had limitations in her exercise. I know that a dvt in the leg can be up to a couple feet long. Dissolution can be slow.6-12 months or longer. Upper extremities aren't much different.

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I'm late to the party.  Hope you all enjoyed.  I know I did.  This year meant just a little bit more.  



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