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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

now really concerned

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I had some good news so-to-speak last week after a CT scan and then a pet scan they located only one node by my small intestine that lite up. Surgery to remove it will be in about 10 days.  It all sounded very promising. But today I got up for a bowel movement and the toilet had a lot of bright red blood. Every time I've had cancer in my colon I have had the same discharge of blood only once but then cancer in the colon. Here;s the thing I had a colonoscopy in late August this year and an endoscopy a few weeks later (sorry about spelling) and both came back without a problem. It did seem strange to me that just one node would lite up and raise by CEA to 8. Now I guess I need to call my oncologist and tell him about the blood. I don't know what more tests are possible. You'd think that if I had colon cancer or cancer in any other area of the digestive tract they would have seen it in all those tests. Admittedly last night I ate what I usually don't pizza rolls made by the neighbor. Spicy yes but to cause bleeding I don't think so. There was no mention about hemrroids when the colonoscopy was done so now I am really concerned. I hope I don't get ordered to take another colonscopy so soon. Anyone have experience like this before? Lou       

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Well, this is what Rick's doctor told us in very simple terms, so mabye it will make you feel a little more at ease: "Dark blood = bad; bright red = good"  The bright red is usually caused by a hemorrhoid, and the dark blood is caused by pooling blood higher up in the colon and is possibly a much more serious condiition.

All my best,


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I know we are all different, but funnily (not really the best word) enough it is my husband who has the most bleeding with his bowl movements. He has had it for years, and I don't mean just a little bleeding either. He has been tested and all looks well. Over the years we have nailed it down to certain foods. 

I too have bleeding, but it is mostly after my bowel movement have gotten a little hard. 

It is fairly common, but with our background, anything like this makes the heart race, and the only way to calm ourselves is to talk it over with our Oncologist. 

So my friend, we are here to calm your fears, but ultimitely I think a trip or call to your Oncologist will be the only thing that will completely calm you. 

Good luck and keep us posted. 

Sue - Trubrit

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I don't know if this helps but I was speaking to my surgeon's nurse yesterday because I've been getting smudges of pink or red blood every few days lately and have a bit of discomfort. She wasn't concerned at all but said if it's to the point where I have to wear a pad to keep it from messing my clothes then give them a call and they'll get me in right away.


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