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Slow healing

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Hi all!   I had surgery 9/25/14 to remove my right kidney due to cancer. All cancer was contained in the kidney and I am now cancer free!  YAY!  I still have a tiny hole in my incision that keeps leaking.  Im having a CT today to see if we can figure out why.  Has anyone else had this problem?   Thank you!

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I had a small issue when the scabs fell off with the dissolvable stitches that were supposed to be under the skin... A couple of them were poking out and I was afraid that if they stayed there, the holes would eventually fester. I went online and found out that this actually a pretty common problem after laparoscopy. I followed the directions of a nurse who said to use tweezers to gently pull out the end a little tiny bit and then snip the end with cuticle scissors so that the rest of the stitch would go back under the skin. It worked for me and the holes closed right up. Obviously you want to sanitize everything first. I'm not sure if this is your problem, but who knows. If it is the stitches you may feel a little plastic-like protrusion coming out of the hole. 

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Nothing is poking out of the hole. I think its a pocket of fluid. 

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I have one site that took forever to heal.  It's still red actually.  Hopefully you will have answers after your scan.

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I've heard that they can cause an abcess and can even get infected a long time after the surgery.

Did you see your surgeon to have him look into it? It's really up to the surgeon to take care of problems directly related to the surgery.


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I had right kidney removed due to RCC in April. I healed up pretty good .only problem I had was the constant intiching where the kidney was, other than that had small  holes where the stiches were but no leakage .  

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When tissue is cut so deep and then stitched back together, perfect alighnment is rare. Sometimes a small pocket is created or sometimes an irritating stitch can create exudate. That is a production of fluid that is designed to act as a sort or lubricant to the irritation. The drainage can be examined for an infection. It can be basic hemodynamics. The fluid looks for the path of least resistance and comes out through the weakened spot. Whether that be an opening that doesn't "knit", or heal together at the same pace as the rest of the incision. It is probably unlikely that the drainage comes all the way out from where your kidney was. This is very common at surgical sites of any kind. The deeper the more likely.

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