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Being NED feels great

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I'm here to happily report my first abdomen/pelvis/chest CT with/without contrast three months post surgery which is now on the desk and I can't stop looking at it with a big smile. Friday is my birthday and this is the best birthday gift I've ever received. My loving husband and I are planning for a short trip to celebrate the good news.
The knowledge, empathy and friendship you share here is much appreciated. You are the ones who helped me in the darkest period of my whole life with a real understanding of what I am going through. Now I feel I can breathe again after three months of being frightened, I remain vigilant but praised God for my continued good health. Let's all keep the good fight up.
You are all in my prayers my new supportive friends. I Wish you NED.
Take care

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That's really wonderful news and now you can celebrate :) Have a very happy birthday and may you stay NED forever!

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We all like to hear good news. Keep it up.



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Congratulations!!  Here's hoping for many more.

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Great news and great feeling, I can only imagine. Stay around now and share the karma. OK?

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Sure, I'm in the beginning of a long road. I hope I can have members' advices and also can be help for the newcomers

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That is great news Foroughsh!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us!

Now go and celebrate with your nice hubby!!



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