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It's Not Lymphoma

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Hello All:  My brother doesn't have have lymphoma.  Wish it was because that can be more curable.  My brother doesn't have lymphoma it's just all in the nodes from a source they are unknown to at this moment.  There are spots on his lung, liver, possible pancreas, along with several nodes and possible bone.  They are doing genetic testing to see what type of cancer it is.  It is not curable, not operable and only chemo can prolong it.  We are devastated.  They do know it started someplace in the abdominal cavity.  It is not a common cancer but one that is rarer.  I'm not sure what the name is as my SIL wasn't sure either.  Thank you for your concern for my brother. 


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I am so very sorry to hear this news. 

I can offer my prayers for your brother and all who love him. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Can't it be that Valley Fever caused by a fungus? Is he feeling sick, does he have other symptoms?


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I'm so sorry your brother is having health problems. My prayers and good thoughts for all of you.  This stuff is just nasty!



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  I don't know why this garbage keeps on happening to good people. Hugs Ron.

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I'm so sorry for your brother and your family, this is such sad news.  Sigh....   :(

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Dear Kim, I am so sorry to hear the news about your brother.  I'm sure you will be a great support for him.  I just hate cancer


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This is so sad to hear for you and your brother.  Must be very difficult to wait for results of testing.  You mentioned that it is not curable, yet, maybe, with the right Chemo he can continue with a relatively good QOL for a long ti me to come.

Sad Face...Cyber (((HUGS)))

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What terrible news.  

I hope they can at least determine what type it is, and fine-tune the chemo.

Big hugs coming your way.  I know how painful this all is.

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I am truly sorry Kim. What terrible news to have to deal with before the holidays.

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Cathleen Mary
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My prayers for your brother and all who love him.   Hopefully, the drs can get a better handle on this and a more targeted treatment plan.  Thinking of you during this difficult time.



Fight for my love
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OMG. I can't believe the news. My prayers and thoughts are going out for you, your brother and your family.

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 dear Kim, so sorry to hear about your brother. I lost my only brother to pancreatic cancer. It is easier to deal with your own, then when cancer is diagnosed in a sibling.  My heart goes out to you. Love and hugs, Marjan


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I am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully they can come up with a plan to keep the cancer at bay. My brother, we are told, is not curable so they have him on chemo meds to help prolong his life. He isn't curable, IMHO, because he has heart issues and surgery could take his life. It's too risky. I hope they can come up with a regimen that will make him comfortable and able to enjoy the rest of his life, hopefully for many, many years to come. Cancer sucks!


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It's got to be so hard for your brother because I'm sure he fully doesn't understand what is going on and he has been through so much since diagnosis.  I'm only praying for his comfort and that he knows what a wonderful sister he has in you - but I'm sure he already knows this.  Thank you for being such a wonderful contributor on this board.  I'm hoping that they can do everything possible for your brother for many years to come.


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