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Just wanted to let everyone here know that I'm really thankful for your support. Jim and Max, you guys are so helpful. Here is my top 5 List for this Thanksgiving:

1) Jesus, my Lord and Savior who carried me through my chemo and gave me mind blowing peace, that I would be "ok" even if the worst happended.

2) My family, showing me so much love and kindness.

3) My friends, including CSN friends, that always were there to support and cheer me up, when I didn't think I needed it.

4) My cancer being NED, even if it rears its ugly head again later. I cherish every day that I'm not on chemo. For example, I had to have a mollar pulled due to an infection that got out of hand during chemo (due to nutripenia). My dentist asked why I was laughing during the procedure ( I wasn't on laughing gas). I told him because I realized that normally this would be a big deal. But compared to chemo, it was a laugher.

5) The health care providers that actually fight for you!!


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    I second all you pray for during this holiday. Bless you and yours, and bless all participants at this Board,

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    I'm greatful this CSN was

    I'm greatful this CSN was available for me. You ALL have really helped and supported me in a way no one else could have.  I'm really happy to celebrate victories and give support or experience when needed.

    I love thanksgiving but this year is gonna be a bit different so my daughter , one of my son's who is a medical corpsman and there little sister and I are going to the base of a small mountain (one of my late mothers favorite place) and have breakfast,grilled steak , eggs , and hashbrowns. I know it sounds crazy and I should be eating something other than animal products but thats what we're are gonna do. I'm actually looking forward to keeping it simple and getting out of the house. 

    I could go on and on about how greatful and thankful I am but I'm just gonna say....Thankyou for each and every one here that has supported me and made me laugh and has helped in so many ways.




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    Thanks Jeff

    Thank you, Jeff.  I'm thankful for this site and everyone here.

    Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

    Warm hugs to everyone,


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    jimwins said:

    Thanks Jeff

    Thank you, Jeff.  I'm thankful for this site and everyone here.

    Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

    Warm hugs to everyone,


    My Belated Thanksgiving :-D

    Hi everyone,

    Can't wait for this chemo fog to clear. i look back at some of my posts and its like im a totally different person!!! ive always been such a chatterbox, now i struggle to put pen to paper, so to speak. :( I use the wrong words when speaking, and it takes me a while to find some words. Bah!

    I am thankful for good response to chemo.

    I am thankful for my darling husband and family, who have been so supportive.

    I am thankful i have u guys to talk to :-)

    For all of these things i feel blessed and very fortunate.