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Nivolumab Sutent scan update

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When I posted my "funny one" I was originally logging in to share scan results.

My Nov. 13 scan showed no evidence of disease. See my profile for setails, but I started with an adrenal tumor, and lung mets in Feb 2013. I do know that BMS is not continuing the sutent - Nivo arm for severe side effects seen in a high percentage of patients. It seems the Nivolumab Ipilumamab arm has similar suvival profile with less toxicity. Another patient in the office Thursday is on that arm and continues to have shrinkage. He said almost 50% total so far (6 months).

another funny side note, (wish I could scan the report)...it said my uterus and ovaries are normal....I know I am not much in the manhood department, but I do have an "outie" not an "inny". I guess those radiologists get going on their checklist and get carried away Sometimes.

Keep fighting and believing!


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Such great news! Sorry you grew ovaries instead, though. PMS is a really *****!! 

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Dude i would really think of getting another Radioligist thats kind of wierd.

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Seriously, did they mix you up with someone else or did the secretary forget to remove that?  I would seriously investigate it....That would freak me out! Trust me, instantly acquiring ovaries and a uterous can be hazardous to your health! LOL

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We laughed about the report and called the radiologist on the spot. Basically there is a checklist of things to review. If you check n/a it doesn't show up, if you hit N, normal comes up.

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If you break out in a cold sweat at your age it is likely to be the cause of menopause.

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Congrats :D Chucks scans are Tuesday.. I am hoping for good news!! My Moms scan for her Small Cell showed her Cancer is back.. My Dad died on Monday.. So I am really praying hard for good news.. I do not know how I will handle anything bad :(


Also glad your Overies ect are clear lol I can see Dr Amins face at that one lol :D

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