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Brother has Cancer

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I posted this following post on lymphoma board because thought it might be that.  I'm devastated because tonight found out it was cancer.  Please keep him in your prayers and if anyone has any insite into this cancer, please post.

Hello:  I'm usually posting on colorectal cancer board, but got a call from my brother this morning stating that my younger brother was brought in to emergency this morning.  He has had a swollen arm for a week now and they did an xray on him stating the arm had no blood clots and sent him home telling him that it was due to an injury and also telling him that they thought he was depressed and gave him Zolof (really?), but my brother never said an injury and pain level was 0.  No pain so no issue they thought.  After a week the swelling never went down and he was not feeling good and last night he said his right side hurt him so hence the emergency room.  They did a scan and found that he has a very swollen lymp node near the heart which is constricting the artery to the arm, hence the swollen arm getting no blood flow.  They immediately sent him to an oncologist (which I'm not sure why so I'm asking all of your opinion).  When they went to see the oncologist today they mentioned lymphoma several times due to the large swelling of the nodes.  The doctor said that his neck seemed swollen on one side so tomorrow he goes in for a scan on his neck to see if the nodes there are swollen.  They want to do a biopsy of the nodes but the one by the heart is dangerous because of it's position.  If no nodes involved in the neck they will have to do surgery biopsy on the heart because that is the largest but it is risky.  My mom died from breast cancer, I've had colorectal cancer and now this.  Please give me your honest opinion in this.  Believe me, I'm from another post that gives advice everyday and my board is so active and honest and I'm looking for the same here.  Does this seem like an infection (swollen lymph nodes) or possible lymphoma.  I've dealt with the blows of cancer, I'm just looking to give my brother/SIL hope and information.

Hugs!  Kim

My dad is just devestated about this as I am.  I'm just in total shock.  My mom died at 56 from breast cancer, mine at 50 at my brothers now at 52.  I'm just totally scared.  It's one thing dealing with it yourself, but a sibling it's different.

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I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. You're heart must be beating so fast, waiting the wait for more difinite news. 

I can't help you with any information about Lymphoma, all I can offer are my prayers. 

Cyber hugs!

Sue - Trubrit

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I know you must be a bit shocked, it's one thing when you've been dealing with your own, but different when it's a sibling, the anxious heart, the worry and knowing a lot of what he's going to have to go through makes it so much worse.

I'm so sorry, and I hope it can be dealt with quickly and he gets NED.  

Again I'm sorry, hate cancerm really really do.

Winter Marie

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So, this is what I know about lymphoma (Hodgkin's). It is known that this type can cause heart problems since lymphoma commonly get to the pericardium (what lines the heart) via lymphatic or hematogenous metastasis, so that is why they are taking biopsy of his heart to see if the cancer has already spread there, or are still found in the lymph nodes. Alternatively, they could do an echocardiography to see this, although seems from your description that they already have pretty sure idea that this is the case, so not sure it is necessary now. They can also do chest x-ray, or CT (with contrast) of the neck, chest and maybe even the abdomen. It may even be that if he is "advanced" they may do a bone marrow biopsy too, but first they want to be sure that yes, the cancer has gone to the heart. Blood count and other hematology tests along with kidney/liver functions will be done (if not have not been done already). If he is at the "beginning" stages he may get low-dose radiation and a "cocktail" of chemo drugs. I hope I helped you some to see and understand more what the doctors are doing and why. I am very sorry that you have to go through this and I certainly understand how devastated both you and your dad is. :( I will keep my fingers crossed that soon enough you'll be coming back with some good news!

Please take care!

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Oh no, I'm so very sorry. My brother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a few months after I was diagnosed with mine. I'm adopted so there's no cancer relation there but I worry about him every day.

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oh dear. I think, though, that chemo drugs are actually pretty good for blood cancers, if it's determined that he has this. good luck to him. He's lucky to have you for support! 


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I lost my sister to cancer, and have two brothers who have had skin cancers at an early age, so I totally understand how terrible this is.  Especially for your poor dad.

I would say to try and have hope.  Blood cancers are very different from the kind we have, and even with tumors throughout the body can be highly responsive to treatment, even to the point of being cured.

Are you nearby?  I hope so.  I know it was hard for my siblings who didn't live in the area when my sister was sick.  

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Back in 2000, my brother had non hodgkins lymphoma. He had flu-like symptoms and was originally told he had the flu. When weeks went by and he was still sick, he went back to the doctor. Tests showed it was NHL. His spleen was full of cancer so they had to remove it. He was on chemo for a while and was cancer free until 2011 when he got rectal cancer which they say had nothing to do with the NHL. Make sure he does research on the chemo drugs they use. The ones my brother was on, I think the cocktail was called CHOPS, was the beginning of his heart problems that he has now. Hopefully it's just an infection he's dealing with. 


PS It's tough when it's your sibling. it breaks my heart watching my brother go through this again.

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I am so very sorry to hear this news. 

I know how difficult it is to have a sibling diagnosed when you have faced your own trials with this disease.

Prayers for your brother and you and the family.

Marie who loves kitties

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I am so truly sorry about your brother. Just what your family needs is more cancer to deal with it.

Fight for my love
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Hi Kim, I am very sorry to hear your brother's diagnosis. I know there are Hodgkin Lymphoma and non-hodgkin lymphoma, one prognosis is better than the other, but I forget which is which. Again, prognosis is also an individual thing, if it happens, then it is 100% to you, if it doesn't happen, then it is 0 to you. 5 years ago, when it was my husband's first round of cancer, we met a volunteer lady in cancer center, she had been NED for three years after lymphoma. Now we have a visiting nurse, her grandma had non-hodgkin lymphoma, she actually had 4 different types of cancer in 20 years, but she didn't die from cancer, she passed away because of something much less minor than cancer. The visiting nurse's husband also had lymphoma, he has been NED for three years too. These are the stories from what I run into in real life, hopefully you and your family can find some courage and hope from them.

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Nana b
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Ugh!  Dang cancer.  Sorry to read this Kim 

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Thank you all for your reponses and well wishes.  His brain scan turned out normal.  We are waiting on PET scan and then oncology from Monday.  Just wanted to let you know thanks for your concern and love on this board.  This family group is amazing.


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it just never seems to end.  Very sorry to hear the news....I can't offer advice here no experience there.  Wishing you all well.  


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Kim, I have a friend who lived 30 years with lymphoma and had a full active life, it can be beat. Cancer sure has hit your family hard, I really hate this disease. Good luck


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Oh, Kim.


I'm so sorry about this. I'll be praying for your brother and your family.




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