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Update, my next steps

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I saw Dr. Moeslien at the Univeristy of Maryland medical school last week. He was very impressive and optimistic about my case. He is going to do cryoablation on my liver tumor and chest wall tumor on my back. The date is already set for 12/8. I just finished my last round of chemo for now to get my blood counts up before the proceedure. I have a scan on 12/2 but we expect to see stability or possibly more shrinkage so i am not too worried about it. I told him I have had some recent insurance issues. He said in 8 years he has never had a patient turned down for cryo since it is a very economical proceedure. I am going through with it no matter what.

I saw my oncologist yesterday and he is very supportive of what I am doing. Ironically I got a certified letter from the Virginia State Insurance Bureau yesterday stating that my appeal for SBRT has been accepted but they will turn my case over to an indipendant review organization who will make the final decision within 45 days. So hopefully it will be approved which will give me another weapon in my arsenal if I need it down the road.

It will be nice to feel good for Thanksgiving. Needless to say I will be riding a lot although we do have the daunting task of moving my wifes tailor shop to a new location by 12/21 but we are paying 3 of my guys to do the actual physical move which will help immensly.


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Its good to hear that things are moving alond, Jeff. You sound as though your are excited about this new procedure, and I hope your surgeon is right about the insurance. We all know what a pain these Insurance companies can be, so I hope it all goes well. 

You're on my calendar and you're in my prayers. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Thanks for keeping me in your prayers Sue.

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Sounds like you have a great medical team, all on YOUR side.  Enjoy Thanksgiving and get those counts up!


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Thank you Linda

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That's a pretty good update! Looks like you've got something happening with all your mets and a solid plan. Enjoy Thanksgiving, I'm allowing myself an eating cheat day, can't wait!


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Sounds positive! Good for you!


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Thanks Richard. It's good to see you posting more.

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Jeff:  Sounds like good news all the way around...Best wishes, Art

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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I will enjoy my Thanksgiving. I hope you do the same.

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That sounds like some great news.  Glad that everyone seems to be working in the right direction as well.  Good luck with the upcoming scan.  You probably will enjoy Thanksgiving a lot this year since your main goal is to build yourself up before upcoming treatment.  Thanks for the update - sounds positive.


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Thanks Kim. Your well wishes and opinions always mean a lot to me.

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You must be excited that you will have those lesions removed. It's a great feeling to know that they gone from your body. We keep rooting for you as you well know.


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Sounds like a good option for you !  Keep us updated with cryoablation!



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Thanks laz. it will feel great to get rid of those lesions. I have been fighting to get rid of them 10 months now.

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Dear janderson,

Wish u all the success!

U r a fighter and a certain inspiration for me.

Everything will work out and u will be soon on the NED status, 

We are all rooting for you !


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Maybe you can try some RSO OIL,

While you are waiting for the SBRT. 

I am gonna try some now.

I hope it will help or be synergistic with the other treatments.

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Having a plan is good!   Hope things go well Jeff.

Fight for my love
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You always have a plan and great attitude. Best luck with everything.

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Fantastic!  That is always the first step to success is having a team behind you that is positive and optimistic!  How relieving to be able to enjoy your upcoming Holiday with some sort of plan and clear path ahead and done with chemo!  

Cherry on top having the approval for SBRT!  

Nice job sir! :)  Keep on keeping on!

Tally Ho!

Keeping you in my thoughts and well wishes. 

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goid for you buddy:)

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it is true what others say.....you do always seem to have a plan.  What an admirable trait.....you have worked so hard and are still working soooo hard.....good for you....I admire your strength and watch the path you walk before me......

best love....mags

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Hopefully you wont ever have to walk down the path i am traveling now.

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Jeff, good to see you have an action plan and optimistic outlook for success!!!

As an FYI.  I've used help off of http://www.movinghelp.com/ on three different occasions and have found the rating system to be very predictive!  Had some variance from Very Good to EXCELLENT in terms of the help received.

Have a great week!


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Thanks Phil. It seems we are both making steps in the right direction and have trusted in God.

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