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Funny One

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I am guilty of what Fox pointed out. I joined in June 2013 post surgery and post starting on Nivolumab Sutent trial. I check the site about once a week and rarely post. Here is hopefully a story that is an example of some odd sharing that brings a little humor to the site. 

Being on a trial, I saw my doctors every week for the first 6 months and continue seeing them every 3 weeks now. Needless to say, they are family to me. My primary trial nurse jokes that she know more about my bodily functions than her husbands. My infusion nurses are on my Facebook page From a good scan day...anyway...

I had a clean scan last January and had a lung met show up in April. We re-started Sutent to my Nivumab infusions when we saw the met. I was incredibly worried about the next scan and was determined that my lungs would be clear and I wouldn't be kicked out of the trial for a 2nd progression. Two weeks before the scan, I was cutting our grass at home and enhaled a bug. I coughed very violently to get the bug out and keep it from showing up as a lung met on my upcoming scan. I noted the bug as a cause for heavy cough that day on my side effect worksheet (I have to keep a side effect log). The next weekend, I was eating chips and salsa and enhaled a chip. Knowing my scan was in 5 days I coughed very violently as to not have the chip show up on the scan as a lung met. Again, I noted the violent cough in my symptom sheet with a likely cause as a tortilla chip.

So I walk in the office on scan day and hand my "homework" sheet of symptoms to my trial nurse. She immediately breaks out in laughter that I have listed a bug and a tortilla chip as causes for my cough. She pats me in the shoulder as a mother would when a child failed a test and had no clue about what the test was about. I explained how I was worried that the bug and the chip would show up as a scar tissue or met in my lungs from the scan. She assured me that they know what they are looking for in the scan and a bug or chip wouldn't look like a lung met.

The scan showed my lungs were clean, but I did have pooling of blood on my hip as if I had been in a car accident. They did an MRI on my hip the next day to make sure it was not the start of a bone met. It was a pulled muscle on my hip. We attributed the injury to the violent cough while trying to clear my airway from bugs and chips. Their comment was that it was the first time they had seen such a cause and noted that I don't even ride motorcycles. I thought of Ron and Fox smiling on their bikes, and eating bugs as they ride.

It made for a good laugh for all. I hope my stupidity makes someone smirk a little today. We are all on edge about every ache and pain being cancer, this is one of those odd stories that a crazy mind can wander.

Anyone else have a funny story driven by cancer paranoia?


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Hi Darron! Nice to see you here again. I had quite the chuckle over your bug and tortilla chip invasion! Thank you for sharing your story!

I don't have a cancer paranoia story to share, but when I went to the uro-oncologist for the first time, he asked why I didn't investigate sooner about my large bulge on my right side. I said I thought it was just fat. And he asked on ONE side?? We had a little chuckle about it.

And when my memory lapses (which is often) I now often say that I think my brain was attached to the kidney they removed - and I am starting to believe it!




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That's so funny Darron, I bet the Nurse will be dining out on that story for a while. I am glad you are continuing to do so well:)

Djinnie x

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Well I have been experiencing severe constipation for weeks now maybe because of the side effects of enormous dossages of morphine I've been taking and couldn't seem to cure it even with high dossage of laxative and stool softener but when I started on Sutent, the constipation miraculously disappeared! I guess the diarrhea side effect of Sutent evens out with the constipation side effect of Morphine.....So the next time I will have a constipation again, I will ask my oncologist for Sutent! Lol......Sorry, I just thought it's funny ha ha ha!......

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its good to hear your cancer story (I laughed at bug!) and how well you're doing now, thank you for giving me ideas for questions to ask my urologist at my first urology appointment back in April. My mind was such a mess I didn't know what to ask, got plenty of info from asking those questions xx

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Only 1 funny cancer thing for me:  When I had my 3rd neck surgery (central neck dissection) I told my surgeon I wanted a free facelift as a bonus.  He laughed and offered a zipper.  I woke up from surgery with a neck 10 years younger haha.  he tightened up the skin and redid the incision just above my clavicle.  Got my free plastic surgery!  Going in for surg #4 soon with a new surgeon (the old coot prior wrote me off saying there was  nothing more he could do for me) I hope this new guy is as generous.

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It almost reminds me Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom... The scene where they're eating bugs, snakes, etc... I just have one question.... You said you coughed violently..... Did you..... KNOW it came back out?? Was it still.... Intact? Lol!

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I don't believe I ever got it. I am always a little shOrr winded on Sutent, so I was really breathing heavy

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