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Checking in

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Joined: Mar 2013

Hope every1 is doing fine. My scans have been fine and have been concentrating on family and work. Wont ever forget the help all of you gave me when times were tough. Happy Turkey day and Merry Christmas to ya all.

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Joined: Apr 2013

Hi Cran, Good to hear you are doing well Cran, hope you and your family have a good Thanksgiving and great Christmas and New Year!

Djinnie x

I am alive
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Joined: Jul 2012

So happy for you! Those kiddos in your pix are beautiful. Enjoy, enjoy!!

Posts: 64
Joined: Apr 2014

Good to hear all is well. Christmas, can't wait going to enjoy it this year. Last Christmas I spent worrying that there was something wrong with me, which has now been sorted. Happy Holidays to you and your so cute family xx

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I'm glad to see you check in and that things are going well.

Best wishes and happy Turkey Day.


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