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Lower back pain on the right side....

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So, I had a radical nephrectomy back in October. I have been experiencing lower back pain on the same side where my kidney was removed. My question is, could it be something to be worried about, or could it be just the change in weather! I know aches and pains are associated with the colder weather and i just wanted to know if any others have experienced this..Please let me know? Thankyou!

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It could be anything. Diagnosis from here would do you a disservice.  You need a follow up from your doctor.

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My Husband has random pain in the area of his kidney removal.. at first it scared the crap out of him...his turned out to be nothing more than his body adjusting to the lack of an enlarged kidney and the healing process... You need to tell your Doctor..for 2 reasons.. 1 he will know more than we do and if it tuns out to be nothing you will be reassured... 2 Kidney Cancer is a tricky Biatch...and following up on your concerns is a must!! Sending warm thoughts and well wishes!!

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I had mine removed also last September 18, 2014 and yes it still hurts a lot in the spot where they remove the kidney including the stomach area where they had the incision. I had the result of my CT abdomen but shows nothing. I initially thought that Oh my God is the cancer spreading all around my abdomen? My surgeon said it's just normal because the body is still adjusting to the new normal.........but still you need to have it check just to be sure.....

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I had the same thing for a while after my open nephrectomy, I remember asking a urology (spelling)  nurse about it and she said that I had to remember that even though the outside has healed the inside takes a while longer and the pain I am feeling is my missing kidney (bizarre I thought kidney not there) but she said that the nerves are still there. I used to go to bed with a hot water bottle lying on it so that it was next to the pain, I found this really helped. If your worried talk to your care team.

Hope this helps lots of love

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I just had a rad neph in October as well... It'll be 4 weeks tomorrow. The surgeon went in from my front with the robot. Not sure where your incisions are, but muscle pain around the incisions for a while is normal. The muscle tissue is usually the last thing to get up to 100%. I occasionally have little tweaks here and there; almost feels as if theres a void there that needs to be filled (though my doc said this is most likely in my head haha). But I don't really have constant pain. If you are having consistent pain in that area then I would say there is no harm in asking your doctor and looking into it. No one told me I'd have to live with pain forever. Don't believe that you have to now, either. 

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A nephrectomy is a serious insult to ones homeostasis. There are numerous adjustments to be made in our neurological status, physiological staus and functional status. Having a full or partial nephrectomy requires up to a year for many before things achieve the "New" normal. Patience grasshopper.

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Hi, i also have some pains here and there which made me worried. I did ultrasound and chest Xray which showed nothing. But I was still worried so created. Topic here "bone,lung,brain mets" and members answered me with their words of wisdom.if interested read that topic specilay Djnnei's reply. It makes sense. If still worried  talk  your doctor.

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Had a open partial in March and had back pain as well.  First check with Dr. to make sure all is well. But mine said it was muscoskeletal an a heating pad would help. 

Then I found a trainer at my gym who gave me some very simple exercises to doto strengthen and stretch the back and flank muscles again.  These helped so much I do them all the time now, every time my back starts to get sore.

It all takes time though. You're doing great and soon will be feeling so much better!


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