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Double Whammy!

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Hey all... So my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 EC (mets to liver) in August, he started chemo and tumours are shrinking yay! However, in October my mam was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (mets to brain) Double whammy! So the tumour from her brain was removed and radiation will be starting soon on brain, possibly on lung also as long as PET scan doesn't show anything they are unaware of (has been all MRI's until now). Anyone in a similar situation that can give some hope... God I hate cancer! 


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I have not been in your situation . I have cancer now and had 20 yrs ago to the month. But never had a loved one much less both parents. you have a huge job ahead of you .If you believe in God he he has a Plan a lesson for you and those around you . Find comfort in the people here and those around you that will help you walk when your weak who will hold you up when you have fallen there's no right or wrong way to go forward just follow your heart and the drs. Knowledge is pwoer.. I pray for you and your family  if you just need to talk cry screMing I'm here 

just another struck by cancer but a survivor 


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Thanks Lorraine. I hope you continue to kick cancers ***! :)

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I am a survivor of what your mom is going through. I am still having brain tumor issues and braim swelling. But I survived and am still here to tell my tale now 2 1/2 years past the day I nearly dropped dead in the shower. Massive swelling caused my brain to quite working and I passed out. Read my story here if you can find it. It's posted my cancer story. Prayers for you and your family.

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