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76 year old Mother diagnosed with small cell lung cancer

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I need some advice. My mother starts the first of 4 rounds of chemo.  She lives in Texas and I live in New York.  I am struggling on  when I should go see her.  She was diagnosed earlier this year and we thought it was gone but now it has come back.  The first Treatment was cyber knife In February.   This time it is chemo and radiation.  When would u go?  What I don't want is to wait to late. Just confused and scared on this news I recieved tonight  I know many on here can help me with the decision That is best for my mother  


thanks in advance for your thoughts

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Will you be going to be a caregiver as well ?   If not then anytime you can get there is best.  she needs to see you while she can appreciate your company and visiting will not be exhausting.  If you need to help take care of her then discuss timing with the other care givers.   In the meantime communicate often as you cawinding Skype or face time.  

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