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Feeling shattered

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After successful lung mets removed April all was looking great.   Had no,chemo since feb this year.  Was having flush of port monthly and bloods, CEA all normal.  Wahoo.  I had a fall and long story short they found tumor size of grapefruit in top,of thigh which had eaten thru femur.  Had rod and screws put in. Radiation on tumor. Also tumor found on back and spots in liver.  I am numb. 

Just can't get my head around this. Think they may try reginiorab?  Appreciate your prayes

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I am sorry Hooley. Take some time to cry it out if you haven't already done so, then do something you really love to take you mind off of this for a little while. oh and comfort food always helps.

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shattered is not good. I hope you feel better,soul-wise. I tried stivarga just for the heck of,it, and it seems to be working for me. stivarga I believe is the drug you were referring to? You never know until you try, and this is after four failed drugss for me. I think I would try one more if there was one.

good luck and hang in there


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Hooley, what a lot to take in at one time.  Let me re-enforce the thought of taking some time to get used to the new challenges and then celebrate life by doing something you love to gain perspective on what you do have to live for.  Best wishes, Art

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Prayers coming your way right now!

Last year at this time - almost to the day, my husband was in a similar situation.   Though he had so much pain that he couldn't move without a wheelchair or walker.  I think it was Nov 15 when we called an ambulance because he couldn't get off the couch.  They broke his femur trying to get him on the stretcher.  It was a nightmare - with the kids all home.   They put rods in both legs as the left also had a hairline fracture.   They found he had multiple bone mets in the spine and legs.  Last Thanksgiving was spent in his hospital room with him so drugged that he doesn't remember anything.  His CEA was 79 and I honestly didn't know if he would come home.  They started folfox just about 2 weeks after surgery because his oncologlist was nervous about not starting it soon as the cancer was spreading.  He is no on Xeloda daily and Avastin infusion every three weeks, plus shot of xgeva for bone strengthening.

A year later and he has had a clear scan and his cea is .7.  He is back to work and is doing okay.  Still uses a cane, but it is amazing how much better he is getting around than just months ago.

I'm very sorry you are facing this. I hope things improve for you.  

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Read Jen's post daily. What a testement to healing. This too can be you, in a years time. 

I pray that you can keep yourself as healthy and positive as you can. It can be hard, but it will get you through this next part of the journey. 


Sue - Trubrit

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I am so sorry to hear this. How horribly scary. What a great post from Jen! It made me cry for joy that she can give you such a positive outcome for someone else.

Cathleen Mary
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Jen's post is a testament to why this forum is so helpful. I can't imagine how overwhelmed you must feel.  This is really tough. I often tell myself when bad news comes that nothing has really changed since yesterday except now I know about it.  Knowledge is power and gives us/ you a chance to to do something about the problem at hand. Hang in...get an aggressive treatment plan from docs you trust and move forward.  Easier said than done but remember Jen's post. 

Prayers for courage, strength, and healing.


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Sending love and prayers your way.


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My thoughts and prayers are with you. 

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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for healing and strength.  Keep up the good fight and keeping  a positive attitude is half of the fight.


Best Always,  mike

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Things can get better for you. I hate to say it, but it's a good thing you fell. They were able to find these other issues. I hope things turn around for you! Best wishes for a clean bill of health.


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Time to decide a course of action and keep on fighting. It's often true that it's the darkest before the dawn. Keep us posted and know we're all pulling for you.


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Keep fighting and don't forget to breathe....... cancer does not like oxygen :) 

sending positive energy and prayers.


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FIGHT. Take inspiration from Jen's post. And know I sm sending up prayers for you as I write this note. Love and light to you my friend.

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Sending lots of cyber support to you!  

Jen has shared a wonderful story, one of the gifts of the forum is to have that exact thing given, HOPE.  When we are at are darkest, scariest times this forum somehow has someone out there that can relate exactly to our stories and help us through! 

I know you can conquor this!  I can tell you are strong.  Vibrant and full of fight. Scary as it is .. you are not alone. 

I will be keeping you in prayers and thoughts ... 

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