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blood in urine

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I was diagnosed on December 1, 2011 with RCC.  I had my kidney removed on December 14th.  Today I had my yearly visit with my OBGYN and explained that I was feeling pressure around my bladder and lower area.  I have a really bad back so that always hurts.  Anyway, she did a urine test and there was no infection however, there was blood in my urine.  Now I have an appointment to see my urologist next week.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I'm starting to get pretty worried about this.  As you all know, I only have one kidney left!!

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Blood in the urine can be many things only one of which is kidney cancer.

Your urologist should be able to get a handle on it. Many like myself started with blood in the urine, but not so little that it was detected by a lab test.


Hopefully it is nothing.





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I hope it's nothing.  Just sweating it out.  When I was first diagnosed I didn't have blood in my urine and nothing showed up on my blood work so this has me a little puzzled and scared but I'll find out in due time.

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I can understand how concerned you must be, a weeks wait always seems endless in times like this. As  Iceman says, blood in your urine could be a number of things. Try not to panic just yet! I will be thinking of you and wish you good news next week.


Djinnie x

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My doc told me a lot of people sometimes have small amounts of blood in the urine that can't be traced to any real problem. You should have it checked, but don't get ahead of yourself. For many/most of us with kidney cancer it wasn't just trace amounts of blood in the urine, it was what they call gross hemoturia, meaning the urine was like koolaid (that's the way mine was).

It could be several things, and many of them are minor I think.

Best wishes,


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UTI or kidney infection can cause that.  Same for some meds or supplements.


My mom always has microscopic amounts due to taking Warfarin for DVT.  At first (and this was right after I was dx with RCC) the urologist and GP were in panic mode and sent her for a CT and cystoscopy thinking it might be cancer, but it turned out to be some kind of leakage from her blood thinners.  Phew. 

Please don't panic yet.  It could be a number of benign things.

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My father was diagnosed a few week back with RCC but did not have blood in his urine at all. Well not until he had catheters installed to empty bladder in which he experienced microscopic blood. Isn't visible blood in the urine not a sign of advanced kidney cancer.. I mean if you were constantly peeing blood. Im still baffled that my father had no real blood in the urine but was diagnosed with MRCC, aka Stage 4, I guess I was holdin onto false hope.  His urine still looks pretty good to date but yet mets. What are some advanced signs of kidney cancer?

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Skagway Jack
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I had gross hematuria when I was dXed.  When I say gross I mean it.  Start to finish like I was pouring a liter of big red soda in the toilet.  Scarred the H...l out of me.  I went the next day to urgent care and two months later was on the table having my right kidney removed with a 7x5 tumour.   RCC clear cell Stage 1b grade 3.  So far no more signs of the stuff since the surgery a year ago.

The hematuria was the first sign of problems....and according to the Dr. was a result of the mass being disturbed by vigourous activity, in my case a few hours previously I had been on a long hike.  I had a one more recurrence between the original incident above and my surgery.  I had one Dr. tell me that the hematuria was predicitive of future problems, but most of the Drs have said it is not.  I am going with the positive assessments. 

Tele...one thing I am not clear on, how did they diagnose stage 4?



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Well the ct scan according to the urologist team(& report from radiologist) indicated metastases to lymphnodes, in abdominal region and by the heart apparently. Strangely enough the chest x ray taken earlier in the week did not show anything but the ct scan showEd some enlarged lymphnodes. There was also a small mass in axillary lymph nodes(under arm), currently awaiting biopsy results for that. Distant mets automatically dictates stage 4. Has anyone ever heard of spread to axillay lymph nodes with respect to kidney cancer, I've heard it's a rare thing. I'm kinda holdin my breath awaiting these results

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Blood in urine is only related to activity in the kidney (or bladder).  Mets typically occur in the Lungs, liver, bones, and brain.  For the lung, I know I had a cough and discomfort.  Fortunately, I have no other personal experence.

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Size and location/position of the tumor can also be the cause of the bleeding, regardless of the stage. If I recall, my husband's adrenal gland hemmoraged and caused the bleeding. But, his tumor was also extensively necrotic so it could have been that too. 

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