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Any stage 4 lung cancer kras mutation treatments out there or trials?

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Family member went through chemos and radiation and none of it worked...


carboplatin/forgot the name


Oncs sent us home with hospice...said there isnt much they can do.... not sure why they won't try another different chemo or a trial.


Tumors kept growing and spreading. Looking for new treatment or a clinical trial.

If anyone knows anything please help and reply. We are getting desperate.

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Feeling in same boat as your family.

KRAS mutation.

My mom is 70 yr old non-smoker.  Was diagnosed end of summer due to fracture in spine.  Diagnosis with progressing mets to lower spine/sacrum, 5cm lung tumor and 2 brain mets (that they were watching). She has had two rounds carboplatin/pemetrexed(alimta) and two rounds of radition to spine/hip.  She is unable to walk more than a few steps and this past week she had significant periods where she is mentally not making any sense.  We see radiation onco today.  Not expecting good news-also thinking hospice. This is quite a physical and mental challenge for all.

You are welcome to send me a personal email.

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I think trials only take people with a good performance status.

When I asked doc about any trials she said no.  It's the look I get from doc and the things she doesn't say that worry me just as much as what she says, if that makes sense.

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