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Need advice

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I am 73, in excellent health other than the stomach cancer recently diagnosed. The Cancer is late stage 2, possible very early stage three. I have been doing chemo for 9 weeks now........two infusions evry 3 weeks and pills daily. The overall gameplan is the 3 chemos I am currently doing, then surgery, then some additional chemo.............My questions are these, for anyone who has done this regimen:

1. How long was the period from the end of the the last chemo treament to the surgery, ie, I had chemo today and will do 21 days of pills now, and then surgery. I am trying to undestand how long others have waited from the end of the final 21 day chemo period to the surgery date.

2. Did you have to do the chemo following the surgery, or if surgeon thought all was successful, was the final chemo treatments dropped?

Thanks in advance and best to all of you suffering from stomach cancer ........... stay positive and committed to realizing a full and complete cure..........never ever give in to this dreaded disease.



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Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy is the name for getting chemo before surgery.  It has now been shown to give better results than just chemo after surgery.  You will probably have chemo after surgery, too.  I had only post-op surgery 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with stage 4.  So far, it is working for me, but your doctor has you on the most up to date approacstlish am not sure how long after pre-op chemo you wait before surgery.  Your doctor has probably told you by now.  This is still a very bad disease, but the prognosis is a lot better than it was a few years ago.  Please consider joining our Facebook group "Stomach Cancer Warriors and Caregiver family."  We are now 1500 members strong!  Love and prayers.  Randy

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My husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2010 and went through similar treatment. We put together a website--http://www.stomachcancersurvivorsguide.org--with everything we learned about making it through stomach cancer treatment, particularly the aftermath of a gastrectomy. You may find some information there that will be helpful to you. 
In answer to your questions, I think it was about 6 weeks between final chemo and surgery. Post-surgery chemo was part of the treatment regimen for him regardless of surgical outcome. However, the answer to both your questions may be different for you. Best to ask your doctors. 
Wishing you the best possible outcome from your treatment. 
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Bill, I am a stage II B survivor and my first advise to you is don't get hung up on Stages. The stage system are just averages and you are a statistic of one, and unique. I say this because I am a patient volunteer mentor with Debbie's Dream Foundation which is an organization dededicated to helping patients and caregivers dealing with Stomach Cancer.  I talk to many cancer survivors who's stages are such that if they bought into the averages should have left us many years ago. 

With regard to your questions my treatment was the reverse of yours. I had surgery first then chemo and radiation simultaneously. my oncologist recommended I start treatments within 6 to 8 weeks of surgery. The surgery and test results thereafter determined my next course. 

Visit Debbie's Dream Foundation where you will find survivor stories and other resources. Good luck with your treatments



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Good morning friends.

I am mexican citizen. Stomach cancer patient since last february. I have haven 8 sessions of chemeotheraphy. The last PET/CT indicates that cancer grew in the last three months.

My doctor says could be fine to change the medicine. He thinks CYRAMZA would be good to me; but that medicine is not yet sold in Mexico.

Can anyone tell me how can I BUY CYRAMZA in United States and bring it to México? It is enought to have a mexican medical prescription in order to get it from the pharmacy? or are there other requeriments additionally?

My intent would be going to the U.S. by plane, buy the medicine and come back to Mexico city with my doctor in order to follow the treatment.

Thanks very much by your help.


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