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George's Doctor is thinking of trying George on Xeloda Pill with Zaltrap instead of Avastin?   He is also on Irinotecan.  Anyone had this combination?  We are trying to avoid George having to wear the pump Again he just hates it.  


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    I haven't tried that exact

    I haven't tried that exact combination. But I can tell you that I did over the years I have done over 30 treatments with the pump. Now I am doing Xeloda instaead, about 14 treatments so far and I would never go back to the pump. It is so nice to not have a port and not have to go back to have the pump disconnected. The only downside for me about the pill vs the pump is I take it 7 days on, 7 days off, so I have more days of fatigue. Some people have hand foot syndrome, but I am fortunate enough to not have experienced that. 

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    Am on Zaltrap & Xeloda


    I just saw your message and yes, I started Zaltrap & Xeloda in December.  It's a clinical trial - called X-trap.  I hated the pump too, and hated irinotecan!  I am having some side effects that bother me, but not intolerable.  I am still working and going to the gym a bit.  I just turned 51 (dianosed at 47) and just had my 4 yr diagnosis anniversary.  I believe this would be considered by 3rd line of treatment - have only had 3 rounds.  I have fairly bad fatigue, mouth/tongue sores, stomach pain, elevated blood pressure (on meds now), and hand foot syndrome.  They are not what I would call severe - but over time they do become just annoying.  I get tired of being tired. 

    Let me know how you are making out with Zaltrap if you don't mind.  Not many patient stories out there on this yet.

    Thanks and I hope you are doing well,


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    i was doing salt rap with folfiri and pump.  I found a lot of med people I talked too and could not get a favorable comment from any of them. I believe it might cause bleeding.  Just be careful and report any symptoms.  I'm off it now but gave it a go.

    as for pump vs xeloda I've heard straight 5fu is more effective...liquids over solids is a win win and I've found the side effects much better than whe I did xelidaaoda.  I got the hand foot badly and could barely walk or even stand up.  I got bad splits and my feet peeled like an onion.

    pill is more convenient but the dose I was taking was so hard on my stomach....especially as the toxicity builds up week by week.

    liz"s story is how it can be but we're all different so if it works that is good.

    best wishes and take care.