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Wishing all a Happy Haunting Day ... Early

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Joined: Apr 2014

Have to say that this Halloween is "special" since it's been a helluva year.  

You see, it's my b.day (yes I am a witch - cackle cackle).  And in the year that has nearly pass, I was put on HBP meds, had a stroke in my eye and...had an open partial in March.  But even so, I have survived.  Nearly back to my normal self - or maaybe better say, I am working on the new "normal" that involves living with cancer.

Anyway - no feeling sorry for myself since that helps no one 8-). I can look forward to a new year, new age bracket in triathlons, and with great hopes, a year of health and happiness - which I send to everyone.

So raise your Trick or Treat bags and autumn beers to yourselves for me!  Thank you all for being here.

Cackle cackle,


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During my trick or treat days (late 40's-early 50's) they gave away candy cancer sticks (cigarettes). I guess that is not politically correct anymore.




donna_lee's picture
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Joined: Feb 2009

My friend, Robin, had a Cigarette Girl in the fancy restaurant costume, with the little neck ribbon and tray that held a variety of the candy cigs. 

And now, the makers of Camels have banned smoking in their office buildings.  Times have changed.


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Hi Laurie,

Happy Hallows! and a very Happy Birthday, lots more treats for you then! Certainly wasn't an uneventful year was it? I hope you continue to improve and feel fit and healthy again. Just keep pushing forward and put this past year well behind you! So 'Cheers' here's toasting a year filled with good experiences and good health and happiness:)



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I've got my shirt with the lovely, offensive F word followed by the more offensive C word, and my purple and black tutu, gloves, and pointy hat all ready to go for tomorrow night!! I will be riding my broom in honor of everyone here and will wear the shirt proud!!

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Joined: Mar 2014

Very happy birthday, Laurie, and to everyone a happy Halloween and coming times that bring nothing but treats  Smile

Posts: 75
Joined: Sep 2014

Happy Halloween everyone.  I will be enjoying it with my little ones.  So happy to be able to walk around with them this evening. 

Posts: 284
Joined: Apr 2014

My 2 yr old g.daughter was a fairy during the treating on Main Street, theN Emily the train at night. But as Iceman can verify, it was BLOWING and snowing so her treating was 4 houses.  Sigh

But the dinner that followed was wonderful.  Happy All Hallows to all - an to all a good night.


love the Frakin' cancer witxh idea 8-)

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Happy BDay Laurie and good luck in your new age group.  



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Hope you had a great day!



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