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Walking again! 

I just wanna share that I have not done any physical activity for a while and just started again about 4 days ago. It is so good for us who can do this during our journey of fighting cancer. 

I feel it is not only helping my mind but my body as well. I never wanna come back home, I just want to keep walking but it gets dark and my poor little dog miss hazel has to work so hard to keep up with the short doxiepoo legs. She sure is a trooper. 

Anyways getting the muscles , blood,and mind moving again has great results. 

So get out there if you can and fight,fight,fight!

I'm gonna walk myself healthy again.


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Keep on walking, GG! Physical exercise is good for you.


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GG, I'm so happy to hear that you are getting out to walk. I have loved walking all my life. Here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the fall color has been magnificent and the weather perfect. The crisp air and blue skies are glorious. I have been going out with my camera. I love this Gingko tree in a neighbor's yard. It is an ornamental tree and not native, but I love the fan shaped leaves. The day I took this shot, it was breezy and the bright yellow leaves were fluttering. It looked like a tree full of butterflies. 




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I don't  think I'll  get to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway this year, but it is always magnificant.

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There is an entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway just about 5 miles from our home. That scenic highway is my favorite part of living here. I just love it! I am sorry you can't make it this year and you are right, it is always magnificent! 

I am still thinking about you and praying for you. . .





Max Former Hodg...
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We usually drive north through Cashiers to the Sylvia area to get on the Parkway, and then go to within about 20 miles of the Virginia line, and then drive back just east of the Parkway, in the Spruce Pine area.  The drive to and from the parkway, because it is through extremely rural areas, is itself worth a fortune.  The drive from the SC line to Cashiers is one of the most primitive you can find, -- a narrow hairpin road with almost no shoulder at all. Spring water running out of the rock, easy to catch, and always cold.  No need for bottled water ! Luckily, there is virtually never much, if any, traffic on that road.  Also, much of the Spruce Pine area seems to never have had human visitation, except of course for the road itself.

For those unfamiliar, this is the Parkway Official site:  http://www.blueridgeparkway.org/


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That is good to hear.  I also feel much better when I walk Mind and Body.

After heart surgery (2nd) in January and lots of rehab for the heart on treadmills, etc.,  I began to ache.  Have had some arthritis in the past and this so-called heart rehab made it worse.  Unless it had something to do with the Rituxan I had for 2 years. Who knows.  Need to see someone, orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist.


So keep up the good walk work.  Sounds like you are doing well.


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I'm with you on this!  Started exercising , walking and kayaking as soon as i could after tx and it really paid off.  It truly helps me emotionally and spiritually as well as the physical.  I think that it should be prescribed, just like the medicine we are given to help us come back from treatment!  Some of my friends can't walk far so they have started lifting light weights or doing gentle yoga. It doesn't have to be anything intense, but moving daily is good. Getting as strong as we can can only help us in this battle and like you I want to do everything I can to remain strong and get as healthy as I can.  Don't know  when the disease may rear it's ugly head again and I want to be ready for it!

Glad you are doing well!! 

Prayers and good thoughts to all.




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Havent exercised in a month at least, was experiencing lots of dizzy spells after the 4th and 5th infusions. Really scary feeling!

Will try walking and some strength training 2moro maybe. Dizzy spells hav subsided somewhat. Would like to resume my Ladies' Bootcamp in a few weeks but i need to get my fitness level up otherwise i will be in agony! lolz.

Very encouraging the positive effect exercise has had on ur emotional and physical wellbeing Donna. I hav never felt more alive than when ive had a good burn going. :-)

PS: thats the spirit GG, thinking of u and wishing u well.

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