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GBM4 trial vaccine

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i am new to this site. My husband (52) was diagnosed with a right temporal GBM4 on oct 9th. Had surgery on October 10th. He will do chemo and radiation and then will be taking Part in a clinical trial that uses his tumor cells mixed with his stem cells to make a vaccine. The surgery was so quick we were not prepared. he has lost his left side vision in each eye, he is very weak on the left side and tires very easily.  He seems to have lost impulse control and has started yelling or being confrontational which is not like him.  I am worried that if this progresses like many say it will that he will be very difficult to live with. He was always a workaholic and just wants to get out his chainsaw and get back to doing what he loves. It's very hard.  Has anyone else on here had experience with the vaccine trial?

Ray B
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I myself have GBH stage IV.   In march I was completely paraalyzed down my right side and only given 4 to 6 months to live. My family had thought we had seen each other for the last time. Through a lot of prayer I was blessed to walk again. I was knocked down again on the opposite side, again paralyzed, but came out of it. I walk with a cane but I'm being blessed with being able to spend the holidays with my family so don't believe all you hear. The worst thing I believe you can allow him to do is lay in bed if he is doing that. Get him to at least go on walks with you and do any kind of PT he can do. Haven't heard of this clinical trial you are about to under go would be interested of how it goes. Bless you and you husband

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Would you mind sharing with me the name of the trail your husband will be trying.  Thank you.

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I recently read there is a trial going on at Duke university.   They are using the polio vaccine.  

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