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The loss of another friend

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While it has been some time since he posted here, some of you will remember our favorite member from Barcelona, Spain  - Pepebcn.

He has passed away.  He was 56.

He was a wonderful friend to many on this board.

May he rest in peace and may wonderful memories help his family to endure his loss.

Love you Pepe.


Marie who loves kitties

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I can not believe he has gone.

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Oh no!!  I had a feeling something was wrong when we didn't hear from him.  :'(   He was the nicest man.  Rick and he used to swap boat stories and pictures of their ship models.  I am so very saddened to hear this news.  Thank you for letting us know Marie, I just wish it had been better news….   Oh my, this one is hitting me hard.  Sigh...   :'(

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I am so very sorry to hear that Pepe has passed away. Life is so cruel! 

Blessings to all who love him, as they mourn. 

Sue - Trubrit

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No, I don't think life is cruel.  Auntee Mame says" life's a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!"  Life is what you make it.  and death is just the passage to a painn free paradize forever. It's hard to beat that with a stick.!!   You might think I am an optimist!!Now I just wait untill I can go join Josephine.

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Didn't realize that he had gotten worse.  He had been missing from the board for some time but thought he was doing better.  He was such an inspiration.  He always commented on my 25 lbs turkeys that I'd cook for Thanksgiving.  I'm sorry he has passed.  He was a good friend to this board.  My thoughts and prayers go to his family.


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He was such a sweet man! I'm so sad to lose him.



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Nana b
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Too sad. I met him in Barcelona. He was in a lot of pain Last Juky. We were on identical  chemo Paths. HeartWrenching. 

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such sad news. He was such a nice guy and we had some nice talks.

Miss you


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 Rest in peace Pepe It was good to know you.. Ron.

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He was a dear friend to many of us.  It is a shame that already CSN has gotten rid of his "personal" page, I went there to read his words, many were of hope, but they are no longer there, just made me cry more.

Rest in Peace our friend, we shall miss you very much.

Winter Marie

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I forgot that CSN has this new policy of deleting the personal page of those who have passed.

It makes me angry to just have them deleted and we can't see it any more.


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How does CSN even find out that one has passed?  


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I don't know for sure but suspect that there is some kind of monitoring software which looks for specific words, or it may just be that they manually monitor the titles.

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They see someone has passed from what we write and jump on it to Remove it.  Why they get rid of the "about me" page baffles me to no end, it's something we put up for everyone to read, and when we die, they take our thoughts away as if we didn't exist.  This really bothers me to no end, that my words will not remain with the exception of what we post on discussion boards, and their software isn't good enough to let us see every post a person has posted.  I put Pepe's user name and only three discussion posts came up for me, and Pepe wrote much, much more then that.  It's a shame, because they do good on most everything else, and they give us this page to talk to each other, which I really appreciate, but you would have to PM obituaries to one another if you're not connected on Facebook, because they take the obits down right away as well, at least they do let us notify each other of a death so we dont have to wonder what happened to them, why they left, because a lot of times it's assumed they got well and just don't post anymore.

Winter Marie

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He was always a postive memeber here.   RIP Pepe, You will be missed, but not forgotten.



Best Always,  mike

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I thought he was doing okay. I just don't understand what happened 

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RIP Pepe



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Damn that is terrible. I was just thinking about him and the fact we haven't had a loss for a little while. He was missed here lately and will now sorely be missed. I really miss his Friday post asking what we were all doing for the weekend.

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So sorry to read this news.   Too many leave this world too young.  very sad.

Cathleen Mary
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Oh, my heart hurts. Blessings and peace to his family and friends. I used to look forward to his Friday posts about weekend plans. It brought a level of normalcy and helped us to know each other beyond disease. Pepe will be missed!

So sad.


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Your title made my stomach hurt before I even clicked through to see who it was.  Pepe was a special guy, so full of life.

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Pepe brought such a positive, fun, life-affirming quality to our group (even when you knew he was going through some tough times himself).  I will miss him. 

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May he rest in peace!


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Dearest Pepe.... such  a wonderful loving man.  Pepe always worked to keep us together.  He focused on things we liked to do and asked us questions about ourselves.  Pepe, you will be missed.  My heart breaks for his family.  Such an amazing man will be dearly missed.



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So sad, he has been missing from board for a while.  You always hope that missing means good.  He always had our Friday posts asking what everyone was doing for the weekend.  Too many gone, cancer sucks.


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Nana b
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We are probably on their statistics board up in the cloud. What did NNa do that was different from the others and vice versa....


I saw that they gave 1.5 million dollares to breast cancer research on Ellen yesterday, for what?  to pay may pay for another infusion  and a gala party to discuss last years deaths. I'm so sick of this. 



Brenda Bricco
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So long Pepe.

Your life and the way you lived it, touched so many. Thank you.

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oh no! I am really shocked....I had invented a whole new  scene of health for our darling Pepe.  Pepe was one of the most inclusive, enthusiastic, intelligent, loving members of this forum.....Dear Dear Pepe.....

ahh yah remember when he posted....."okay it's Friday....what are you doing?"

a true Spanish gentleman......deepest sympathy and love to his family


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I always enjoyed his update on his weekend plans.

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I just returned from Tahiti and got this information....


He has been tucked securely in my heart.....


Tahitians have a special feeling of death being a part of the living experience.  There is celebration of both.  Tombs are placed in the front yard, along a path taken every day by the 'living' members of the family.  There they can say 'Ia Orana' (Hello) and Nana (Goodbye) interchangeably with such musical tones...it is a quenching of thirst for the spirit....


Hugs to us all.......Kathi

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It is so painful to read this.  Another wonderful person with a life cut far too short.

This disease is horrible and cruel.

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I'm very sorry to hear of this.

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I'm sorry for his loss. It's a shock because when last seen he was doing well and working.  Cancer sucks.


The disappearing bio sucks too.  We need to do something about that.

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The loss of someone who made others smile is a great loss.  Rest in peace my friend, you will be missed.



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