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Checking back in.... MRI results are great

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It has been awhile since I checked in here, and I wanted to pass along the good news...

The third MRI brain scan has been released to me, and in my words, there is nothing new in my brain...  come December 24, it will be one year since the brain surgery to remove the met there.

Since I got my first ever Harley ride in late August, I have had easier sides from the Sutent, and now have them easily under control...  I swear it is because of the ride!!  Every time I see the pictures of me on that bike, (passenger) I smile SOOOO big my cheeks hurt.  It has been the best therapy for me, remembering that experience..

Been 24 months since initial Stage 2 diagnosis, and 10 months since stage 4.  I am so content, and saving for my own Harley... since I am 67 and just 5 foot tall, I need a trike.. legs are too short.

Just want to celebrate.....



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I can not even get my wife on a regular bike. Of course it is easier for you as you are so much taller and younger than she is.



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Great news! Glad you have found something that has brought you so much joy!!

Thanks for checking in and updating us.

Happy trails!



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I think you have found out the secret as to why dogs like to stick their heads out of car windows. There is nothing like the rush of going for a motorcycle ride. I think I will just have to do some fall foliage touring today. Good for you.

BTW, there are some fine small bikes out there. A nice little 250cc will fit you well. Not a cross country tourer, but excellent for cruising the neighborhood or going out for a milk run. There are many senior riders out there. Closest thing to a fountain of youth.

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Yea Pam! Good to hear :)

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