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It's Official

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It was clear cell.  Stage T1a.  Furman grade 2.  Margins are clear.  I'm 2 weeks post a radical nephrectomy and feeling great.  Back to work light duty on Monday.  I'm one lucky gal.  Scans in a year.  One more post op appointment in 6 weeks.  This whole thing has been crazy.  Time to move forward.

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Hopefully you can look back at this in 10 or 15 years as just a slight bump on the road hru life.


What happened to the Orioles after that not so nice treatment of our Tiders?



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I sure do hope so.

The O's got beat big time.  Still though, it was great for city and the team.  Can't win them all.  Maybe next year.  :)

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Great to hear the good news!! How ya going to celebrate?

Keep us informed as to how you're doing.

Warmly, Jan

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Glad to hear the good news. Back to work already? Wow. Take it easy though!



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