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recurrance of cervical cancer for sure

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I went with my daughter to her gyn onc yesterday to get the results of her PET scan. She was in so much pain because we sat and waited to see the doctor for 4.5 hours past the appt time. (county hospital). Although we had already discussed the two lymph nodes that had doubled in size and knew she was going to have chemo again, we were suprised to find out that she actually has a tumor growing from those lymph nodes now and it has grown into/around her left ureter. She has moderate hydro nephrosis of her left kidney and must have a PCN put in. (she already had one on her right side when first diagnosed 3b in March2014) She was really devistated because it is uncomfortable to her and a constant reminder that she is ill. Everything I said to her yesterday to try and help just rubbed her the wrong way. I didn't take it personally but I just wept for her all night. She had a horrible ordeal with a port that never worked for her so she is anxious about that being placed also. She will start chemo next week even if they don't get the port placed before then.......she is an extremely difficult stick. Seems early for a recurrance to me. Only 4 months passed since she finished her initial treatment....

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I'm so sorry that your daugutter has to go through this.  I know it's tough, but she is a fighter.  It's hard to know what to say to someone in that position.  Even having had cancer, I still don't know what to say.  Everyone is different and everyone has different ways of dealing.  I know she is lucky to have you by her side.


i hope the upcoming chemo kicks this cancers a$$ to the curb.  

Have you had a tumor profile done?  Like Caris testing?  Helps to determine efficient chemo options.

hugs and prayers to you both.

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Thanks cc.  I'll check into that tumor profile......we haven't discussed anything like that.  Take care.

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