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Winter marie

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Just wandering how you are doing?

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How you doing girl?

Hugs!  Kim

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I'm actually on vacation to San Diego and Mexico (husband needs dental work and can't afford American prices).  We could only make a 4 hour drive because I had diarrhea, (had chemo on Thursday, disconnect on Friday and left for San Diego Monday) and we kept stopping a lot, at one stop, we went to KFC for bathroom, then got in truck made it half a block to Taco Bell for the bathroom run, then made another block to am/pm store for bathroom, finally gave up and stayed at hotel, the lomotil finally kicked in the next day (today) so all is good again, other then still get tired easy, chemo every week tends to wear you down a bit, but not enough to stop me from enjoying every minute I can!!

Thank you for checking in.  I mean to chime in more, but sometimes when you're tired, your just too tired and "meant to" doesn't happen.

Oh, and I gained back a pound, so up to 115, twenty more pounds and I'll be feeling great again.

I sure do love all you and the concern we have for one another, it makes life so much more wonderful.

Winter Marie

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Glad  to hear you are doing better.  You are one strong women, can't believe you made it to Mexico.  

All who don't know, they have some of the best Dentist's  in Mexico.  They are very affordable and fast.

Hugs From George & Diane

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Great news about the weight gain. Keep fighting.

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Good for you! Hearing such positive things happening with other people is so uplifting. Enjoy your trip!!

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Good to hear you gained some weight!

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