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Update from Nana b

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Nana b asked that you all be updated.

She went for her second chemoembolization at Stanford yesterday.

Here is her update:

In a bit of pain but team thinks successful, as the first one was (which I just found out).going home around noon. Should be bed/couch ridden for 7-10 days. Slowly getting strength. I haven't told CSN, can one of you let them know please. I'm tired right now. 


Wishing her speedy and suscessful recovery,

Marie who loves kitties

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so happy to get this update, thanks Marie.

hoping Nana gets her rest and bounces right back to her happy self. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Send her our best! I hope she's up and about quickly!


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hope you feel better soon and can get back on your feet quickly


karin Yell

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Sounds like everything went well and I'm so happy.  Rest and just get better soon. 

Hugs!  Kim

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Hope that you feel better soon!

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For a successful recovery!

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for the update. My prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery. 


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I am praying for great success with your second treatment. I might be going down that road one day.

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Sending positive thoughts! So glad it sounds like things are going well!

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Tell Nana B we send our thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.  Her voice will be missed on the forum.



Best Always,  mike

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Our beautiful Nana!

i hope she is behaving herself and getting the rest she needs  

Sue - Trubrit


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Nana b
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hi all. I'm hanging in there. A bit tired and sore but can't complain too much.   Take care. 

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Keep up the good spirts and keep fighting............ it sucks to be under the weather but think of the good results!!!

Hugs full of positive energy


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Hey Nana.  Sorry about the soreness. Can't wait to hear thw goos results. 

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So glad it went well!




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