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Polio Virus for Stage 4 GBM

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Hello, I am new to this group.  I am wondering if any of you have tried the Polio Virus for GBM?  I know there are only 16 patients in the study, but just thoght maybe someone on this board is in the study.  My best friend, age 40, is being considered for this trial and we are wondering what the experience has been like from soneone who has been through it.   Thank you in Adavance for any information you can provide.  

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baxterim...did your friend get into the polio study?  my daughter did....just wondering about your experiences.

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Can u please tell me how your daughter has done in the study?  Is it difficult to get in? My husband was just diagnosed with GBM a week and a half ago. He's having surgery next week. 

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Hi ajlovesjk,


I just found this site and signed up. i thought I knew all the places where GBM patients/caregivers hung out, but this is a new one on me.


The polio virus is for recurrence. 


Here are a couple of websites that I rely on and hope you find helpful:






Only the best to you and your husband!



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