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Drinking wine, is it okay?

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I almost never drink. But, I went to friend's on the weekend and she had the most delicious moscato and I had two glasses. It's a sweet, white slightly sparkling wine. I had the best sleep that night. I'd love to get a bottle and have a small glass a bit before bed at night. I'm on the folfox5 right now and I see my oncologist tomorrow and I'll ask her but I'd like to know what you guys think. Is it okay to have it? Or maybe to have a bit with a glass of orange juice? Mmmm.

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no alcohol. I've never broken that rule. Just wasn't import to me.




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Weird because I'm NED and tonight I cant sleep because I went to a party and ate a slider, potato chips, pasta and a few sips of red wine. Who would know that would be considered a bender. Lol I vote no. It doesn't feel good to purposely put things in your body that could kill you.  I don't feel good about my choices today.  Now I'm not getting good sleep either because I'm not making enough commitment to just stick to healthier foods at all times and it has me worried.  I haven't been exercising either. Worrying leads to an unhealthy body. Take up sky diving instead, run a marathon,  that'll tucker you out. Lol

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I drink a couple of beers a month but only on my off weeks when I am not on chemo, not that I could stomach beer on chemo LOL. I enjoy tasting different craft brews. My motto since being diagnosed is "I want to live but I also have to live some".

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I received mixed information....... my oncologist said that a glass or 2 of wine was OK. My nutritionist said to stay away from alcohol as much as possible, he said of course if you have a special event etc. have your glass........ the acupuncturist said NO ALCOHOL, so at the end of the day, if you are not drinking everyday but once in a while it is OK. moderation is the key in my believe. 

Enjoy the weekend!!!


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You might enjoy my favorite palendrome: LAGER SIR IS REGAL

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It is just my opinion but you have cancer, you have had tests, scans, pricks, chemo, medical procedures and your world has been turned upside down.  If a glass of a delicious wine brings you joy and comfort, go for it.  A small glass of wine will not hurt you.  So many joys in life have been taken from you with the cancer diagnosis so enjoy the little things now that bring you some joy. 

PS - As an aside George's oncologist and dietician I consulted with said a glass now and then was ok.

Best Wishes - Tina  

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Nana b
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I have been known to have a glass but it has to be a dry wine, not sweet. Moscato is really sweet but it gets it from the fruit. But, no alcohol is the rule as far as our liver is concerned.  Oncologist office feed you sodas and cookies and other sweets and they know it feeds the cancer.  I would not go by what they say, fighting cancer is serious business. With that said, had I had a bottle of merlot when I got home from the East coast on Sunday, I probably would have had a glass. I was beat. 

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My oncologist said it was fine in small amounts. So right at this moment I'm having a glass of orange juice and about a quarter of it is wine. It's so good. I figure I deserve it. Turns out I have a blood clot in my calf from chemo. She said it's not uncommon. Luckily it's near the surface so it's not much of a danger to travel to my lungs or heart but it hurts like a bugger. So sick of all the nasty little extras that keep cropping up.

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I won't even tell you what I read about orange juice and how bad it actually is for you and sometimes contains mold.  There's more but I'll just leave it at recommended that you eat the whole orange instead.

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I was told by Dr. J.H. Lenz that having a glass of wine with dinner should not be a problem. He also caveated if I felt run down, etc., that wine was a poor choice.    I have stage IV Signet Ring Cell Cancer for over 7 years.  I drink two glasses of wine almost every night.   Usually a full bodies red with dinner and a port to wind down with before bed.  Occaionally white wine.  


I would not worry about having a glass or two of wine.  (I am also not a doctor nor your health care provider. lol)  


If you liked the Moscatto, try a Preoscco.  Proseccos are a little dryer then the Moscatto and a little more bubbly.


What I have found out is that I do not tollerate Beer very well anymore, and hard alchol either.

Best Aways,  mike

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Helen, eww!

Mike, that's what I'd like, a small glass of white before bed to make me sleep better. Before this I literally haven't had a 'drink' in a few years. I haven't been drunk for over twenty-five years, it's just not something I do. I've had the odd paralyzer over the years, They're called something else in the states. But I can't stand the taste of booze.

Thanks for the responses!

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I miss drinking wine with dinner.

my doctor said that definitely not during chemo And best to wait until almost the end of the cycle and not the day before...

I have a glass every once in a while.  As someone else said, you still have to live.  So once in a while enjoy.  

I will probably go back to my beloved wine with dinner

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I haven't broached the subject with my doctor but I am stage 4 and will always be on chemo. So the way I look at it is live!!!!! I am going to live my life and hope I am still ok. I want to enjoy my life, not live in fear it will be gone! If a drink will kill me then I guess we will find out!

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I think there is a split in the research.  Alcohol increases the initial chance of occurence of cancer, but for recurrence, alcohol in general is a nuetral and red wine is a positive.  I drink a few glasses almost nightly.  Maybe I will die sooner, but I will die happy.  You probably should just follow your intuition on this one.

Colon cancer patients with a healthy body weight who engaged in physical activity, ate a diet high in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits and low in red/processed meats, and drank moderate alcohol had longer DFS and OS than patients who did not engage in these behaviors. http://abstracts.asco.org/199/AbstView_199_193741.html

another (abstract only): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27861761

Reservatol (abstract only): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20443159
No relationship (abstract only): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28135394

Some help, esp. wine: http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/103/6/1497.long

2017, helpful: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5537345/

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I don’t drink, but I’m thinking about starting.

Just kidding , not going to start now.

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Over ten years now of drinks a couple times a week. Didn't do it during chemo, but otherwise as my first onc said "moderation in all things, is fine". I also recommend nothing, I just share my experience................................Dave

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Dick L
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Even though I seem to have a pretty high pain threshold, I found radiation treatment went over the top (pain was about 13 on a scale of 1 - 10) after a few weeks.  I learned if I had one ounce of gin when I got home (and only one) the pain was minimized.  I did not want any part of their narcotic pain pills.  I lost my taste for wine during chemo so if I did pour a glass to enjoy with my wife, it would take me about 3 days to finish it.

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wish I'd known about Gin and Radiation five years ago. My pain from 1 - 10 was about 50. 

Welcome to the forum, Dick.

The inital post was 2014, so I'm interested in what JanJan has to say about it now. 


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As a stage 4 cancer patient you sometimes get a unique perspective on different foods and drinks if you are in touch with your body.  I've often noticed many times whenever I drink a little alcohol (or more--LOL) I will feel some pain in my lower back, in the lymphatic system.  It is the same pain sensation I would get if I ate a large bowl of pasta, or bowl of white rice.  Its appears to be very bad for me, personally, so I assume alcohol in general is just a bad idea for cancer patients.  Sorry, to be negative here, I know that is a real small joy for many.  I will however state, that beer seems worse then wine.  I also suspect, that for a normal healthy person, wine is totally fine, probably even good for you in moderation.  On rare occasion I still drink a bit of wine, as I live in wine country, and my entire social circle are all big wine connoisseurs--but thought I'd just share my two cents.  

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i was told one glass on the Saturday between treatment.


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used to drink margaritas on her off week of FOLFOX.  Only one or two.  Didn't seem to matter one way or the other.  Doc didn't seem to mind.  

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I’m on Folfox 5 also, nearly 1/2 way through. 

9 fortnightly The ileostomy bag can be a pain it goes late June 18

Bowel cancer one tumour 50 mil grade 3

fingers crossed. 

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Dick L
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I've been wearing my "bag" for about 6 months and I've learned to accept it - almost forget at times.  It was pretty unpleasant until I began thinking of it in the same way I used to change our kid's diapers many year ago.  Can be a bit gross at times, but when it is all cleaned and changed, it is OK.  People tell me they swim with their bag attached - not likely to happen in my case.  Even though it would work and I really miss swimming, I think it might bother other swimmers to see it.

Good that yours will go away - mine is permanent, but a necessry evil of the entire experience.  I do warn people like TSA pat down folks to be careful while they are patting or they might have an unpleasant surprise. Undecided

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Wine is a carcinogen, as is barbeque from a grill, so I vote no.  It's not a carcinogen when you don't have cancer but it is when you do so skip and take a sleeping pill.  Google.......   

Substances in wine can cause cancer, but levels are low for moderate drinkers. The heart-healthy benefits of one or two glasses of wine per day are well-established, but a new study finds that alcoholic beverages also contain several different known carcinogens.

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Wow this is an old post that got drudged up, I already commented the same thing and I'm off my junk food bender and back to organic, healthy eating.  It was nice while it lasted though!  lol  Look at NanaB  I miss her spunk=)  I miss so many people from these posts.

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