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Small bowel obstruction...

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Well, cycle 2 has been postponed for a week as I was released today after a week in the hospital for an obstruction in my small bowel. I haven't endured pain like that since I had my son! Apparently adhesions from the surgery caused the small intestine to kink and everything backed up from there. Hopefully this won't happen again and I will be able to stay on track through the rest of the treatments....

Cathleen Mary
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Ouch!  I have had bowel adhesions and so very painful. You must be so happy to be home. Here's hoping this will be your only experience of adhesions and you move thought the treatment uneventfully!


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Sending positive vibes to you. I had an obstruction after my last surgery and it was horrible. I think I now know what projectile vomiting is. The good news was that I got a private room so no roommate had to listen to me do it.

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Nana b
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Hope you are feeling better.  I fear those tangled intestines, I've heard of others with the same problem. 

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