Can I choose Biopsy choices ?

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Hi everyone , Been looking for answers was hoping some one could shed some light on my question ? Sorry for my spelling misstakes before I begin-)

   I'm a breast Cancer survivor right side mastectomy . July 2012. Just found out last month by way of Ct scan that I have a 1.4 cm node. showing in right lung apex suspious for melignacy . Which was found on accident for Dr. was looking at size of a paricardial cyst. The ongologist had a cold manner of telling me of the finding it to begin with. Did not give me any options or ask me any questions . Just to the direct point- we found X it could be a form of lung cancer that has a good out come to cure or recouring mastestize which would not be good at all. I'll set up an appointment for a Ct guided needle biopsy. Oh by the way the complications is lung calaps, but thats fixable. To say the least I was floored . I sat there in a daze Like who does he think he's talking to ? After the news sunk in I managed to say is there another way to biopsy I had a very bad exsperince with my needle biopsy for my breast. He says No thats the first step ! Almost like take it or leave it, of course I said oky with teeth clenched .     I called and canceled the apointment the day before the biopsy, which was yest. Told nurse I was going to see another Dr. I have been reseaching other kinds of biopsies , found bronchoscopy and a couple others. My fam.Dr.gave me a referal for for another oncologist. The nurse at my practice called me with the Name and apointment time. Than said you still need the needle biopsy do you want to make that apointment before you see the new Dr ? I said No , she goes on to say well you have to have it done to find out if it's cancer or not. I said I will talk to the new Dr about other options.

  Please some one tell me Am I missing some thing here ? Do I not have a right to ask or get a different kind of biopsy . I don't get it can you be made to have some thing you don't want ?  Has any one been though this ordeal - free to lay it on the line if I am in the wrong. Thank you  ...


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    spot on lung

    You have the right to choose what you want to do. It is your decision. You can talk to another oncoligist with a better bedside manner.

    I have had 3 biopsies. I am extremely grateful for the ones I had. The last one confirmed my diagnosis. My questions were answered so I could make intelligent decisions along with family support.