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Updating with a happy dance

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I met with my oncologist today. I am officially NED and chemo is finished. I did 10 of the 12 Folfox scheduled. His take was i have reached my peak toxicity level. He doesn't think there is a benefit in continuing the Folfox. The job now is to heal from the side effects.     I'm so grateful for all the prayers, love and strength. I'm a little numb. Somehow, I blocked out the fact that I had cancer. My husband and I were both in tears. The doctor will continue to do blood tests every month and a cat scan in January. He will do another colonoscopy in April.  Hopefully, my hands and feet will get to normal soon.  Thanks everybody for all the support  



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That is such wonderful news.  You should go out and celebrate.  Being a little shell schocked is normal after going through all those treatments and then hearing NED, so just you and hubby enjoy those words and get the follow ups like they ask and continue to give us those great news reports.  Thank you for sharing with us.  It's always encouraging for all Laughing.


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Yay!!! So happy for you! Smile

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good news i'm about 6 weeks ahead of you still have tingling in hands and feet but i can drink cold ice tea or anything

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It is always wonderful to hear good news.

May there be many years of NEDness in your future.

Marie who loves kitties

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I just teared up reading this, I'm so proud of how you hung in there! Good luck with all future scans, enjoy this time now, you've certainly earned it! Celebration vacation maybe? Woo hoo!


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That is great news. I am truly happy for you and your family.

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Nana b
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Awesome. Please listen to the videos I posted, to help to prevent reoccurrence (my opinion). I wish someone had told me the info shared.  Very limited sugar and watch the toxic meat.  Walk to provide oxygen to your immune system/cells. 

 Once you listen, you can make your own decision  :) 

Very happy for you. I was NED for 2.5 years but didn't change my diet.  My job was so stressful working 14 hours a day.  




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(hit the road, Jack)

congratulations! That is wonderful! I hope that you stay NED, and while I have enjoyed your posts in our community, I hope you never have to return here ever. 

You remind me of another member, "colon cancer blows." She was a stage 3 also who achieved NED after chemo. 

after about six months, my oxi neuropathy in my hands calmed down and I was back to normal. It took,over a year for the bottoms of my feet to be ok.

congrats! All the best


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Congrats and welcome to the club :)  I hope you stay that way and symptoms subside.  I am excited by the prervious reply and hope that mine and your nueropathy subsides.  I'm getting really tired of numb fingers and feet, but I guess it's worth it for the extra time with family and firends.

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Enjoy that NED.  It is a nice place to be.

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Congrats to you and your family!! So very happy to hear this awesome news!! 

Enjoy this time and wishing you many years of continued NED straight to CURED! 

Celebration time indeed!!

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happy elmo emoticon

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Thanks for sharing - so happy for you.  Enjoy NED time.

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HIGH FIVES FOR YOU!!!!!!  I'm with Nana about changing your diet and lifestyle.  No more "I'm sneaking this because I deserve it" cakes.  I deserve to stay alive so I'm changing my lifestyle.  Yeah NED!

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