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Up coming CT SCan concerns

Ed J
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Joined: Oct 2014

I'm going in for my one year check-up and CT-Scan. Someone told me the contrasting agent is not good if you only have one kidney.  Anyone lnow if that's correct??

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Ed J,


Yes and no.


One of the problems with contrast is that it can cause a bad reaction if your kidney is functioning poorly. For that reason your doctor and or Radio;ogist will have bllodwork done to check your Creatine level and bun creatine ratio. One recent post pointed out that her doctor did not believe in a CT with contrast after losing a kidney. Discus this with both the doctor ordering the test and the radiologist. They should both be familiar with this concern.




Ed J
Posts: 34
Joined: Oct 2014

  My last exam 6 months ago was good. My Creatinine level was 1.6  Thanks for your reply. I will be sure to ask the doctor when I go .




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Ed, 1.6 is boderline..  some Doctors say 1.5 or less and some say 1.7 or less.  Also sometimes they will use half dose of Contrast which is still beneficial.

Diet can influence Creatinine, water is your new best friend.. the more water you drink, the better..  Sodas, sugar, and excess salt are not good...


Ed J
Posts: 34
Joined: Oct 2014

I do drink diet soda (white grape). After looking at my appointment schedule, it reads X-Ray @ 0830 - Lab @ 0900 - Oncologist @ 1030.  Perhaps I'm not scheduled for a CT Scan after all.  I'l call the Oncology Dept at the VA to find out.  Thanks for your reply.

Ed J

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