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happy day

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had my 12th treatment 2 weeks ago had ct scan yesterday results said no active disease no mestastatic disease think i'm going on a maintenance program. just had to let you know, pretty much i'm telling everyone i know and some i don't

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That is great news. It makes you feel free doesnt it. I have experienced that feeling a few times and yern for it again. Go out and celebrate.

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congratulations! May you be Ned forever


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Congratulations! Keep us posted on 'maintenance chemo.' Not sure what that means when you're NED and it's effectiveness for overall survival. Anyway, good for you!


Cathleen Mary
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We celebrate with you!!!!  Great news. Keep telling everyone you meet.


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Wonderful news!!!!! Congratulations may you stay NED forever.


all the best,


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That's wonderful news, so very happy for you, I bet those words were fantastic to hear!!!

Winter Marie

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thanks everyone, yes they were really good words to hear , but deep down you still have a feeling of (your cancer came back) just can't think about that, i go tomorrow to my onc shes talking about iv of avastin every 3 weeks and a pill daily for 2 weeks for 3 to 6 mths, don't know if i'm ned whats the chemo doing?

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While they say you're NED because the PET scan doesn't show activity and no visible tumors, they still suspect cancer is there at a smaller cellular level.  I'm in the same boat as you, 13 treatments and NED.  I'm currently doing what they call maintenance chemo at a lower dose with Avastin, but am wondering how long I want to do that vs. take a break for a while.  My onc told me that if I stop chemo then almpost 100% chance it will come back.  What he didn't tell me is what's the percent chance it will come back if I remain on maintenance chemo.  I'd be interested in hearing how that differs from your doctors opinion/explanation.  Great news, and I hope you stay in NED long term.

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just got back from my onc she said she's satisfied that i don't have to go thru anymore chemo, i get ct scan in 3mths she said they will follow close.

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That is excellent news.


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Great news!

Best wishes for the best of health.


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wonderful news! Congratulations



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Hooray!!! Cool

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...the best of luck!!!


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