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Has anyone had experince with Xlandi? Wouldn't it better to go to Lupron if the PSA is going up after being on Bicalutamide and Finasteride?

daytona 19

Old Salt
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We will need more info about your case to provide a rational response.

Posts: 54
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Thank you for your response,

My history is under the topic Bicalutamide and Finasteride and I am going to my Oncologist on the 2th. The reason I asked about the Xtandi is that my Surgeon, who I stay in contact with, said if my next test shows a big increase in my PSA I should go on it.Here are the high lights:

Prostatectomy March 05 gleason was a 6 and PSA 2.7

PSA raises to .9 Aug 09

Salvage external RT Sept 09

PSA 1.84 Sept. 12

started on Biclutamide and Finasteride went to .1

stopped for 3 months and PSA went to .52

started again and it went to .21 3 months later .22 then 3 months later .32

They will have me run tests again and if they say Lupron I wondered about the Xtandi?

With so many options just looking ideas. 

Thank you again.


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