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  posting this from my phone so please bear with me ifthere are a lot of errors ☺. I have a friend who has battled bowrlrl cancer. They now have found 2 brain ttumors.  They are going to perform the surgery but I asked her about thw cyberknife and she never heard of it. I know a few of you have had that pricwdure done. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 



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Jojo.  If you or your friend have not done so already, please consider registering at:


It's free.

There is a lot of information about Cyberknife and other forms of SBRT there.  Plus a radiation expert who is the most knowlegeable person I know of to guide your friend in the right direction.


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itJo Jo, I did a pretty good write up on Cyberknife on Smart Patients.. and a bit here as well..  If  your friend is thought to be a candidate, the treatment(s) are easy and painless..

Good Luck..!


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