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Is there still hope for my brother?

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Hi, my brother is in the hospital for almost a month now. first he can't breath so we decided to bring him to a hospital in my town but they suggested that as there is no much facilities we need to bring my brother to a much equipped hospital and so that's what we did. The pulmonologist says it's pneumonia and and so they need to drained the fluids that build up on his left lungs So they put a tube called thorascope. The problem is that it's over a week but still the fluid or to say blood started to drained from the tube. all his test says negative but the doctor can't suggest why the blood doesn't stop from draining and suggested my brother need to undergo pleuroscopy and we again need to transferred him to a lung center And we did. The surgeons did a VATS(thorascopic surgery instead and found out that my brother had a stage 4 lung cancer. The surgeon told us that they found lots of lumps in the lining of his left lungs and the biggest lumps already exploded and that's were the bleeding came from. They can't operate anymore so what they did was just took the blood that sticks and hardened. at the initial findings the doctor first suggested chemotheraphy but right after they found out its stage 4 they stop suggesting anything instead they told us that we better take our brother home as he might cna't make it anymore in the hospital. The hospital that my brother was in is very far from our province, that's the reason why the doctor is suggesting for us to check out before it's too late to avoid more complications. My brother still has a tube attached to his chest and still draining blood. Is ther no hope for my brother anymore? We're all very devastated. And we cried when his not around so that he can't see Our pain. btw, he is 46 years old. 

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That your family is having to go through this. There is always hope, until there isn't. Thats the sad colf fact of cancer period. SOrry to have to be the barrer of this news. If I gave up hope I would not be alive to talk with you about this. I have survived what is 98/99% unservivable. I do not know how. Luck issss all I guess. You have to stay strong for your brother and keep hoping, even if it be until the end for your brother. He will need the comfort and love if he survives or not. By joyful he is STILL in your life TODAY. Celabrate that. The joy will encourage hope and the will to live. My world is falling apart all around me. My girlfriend of 15+ years and I are splitting up now little more then two plus years into my cancer fight, and a little more then just 4 years after buying my home. I may lose my house to cancer if I can't save it. I have this cancer I still need to survive, and I have a almost 13 yr old son to still raise. Trying to save my home with donations to hopefully pay it off if enough people give. Otherwise I may be homeless and have cancer and brain tumor and brain swelling issues. A bleek future it seems, but I WILL keep my head up if you do for your brother too. Deal? I will regardless for my son, but still, deal?

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Thnk you so much and yes we won't stop hoping as you won't stop hoping and fighting too. That's a deal. I often pray to God that if he will take my brother then don't let him suffer anymore. What we can't stand is seeing him in pain. His very weak now. He had a tube attached on his left chest because of the bleeding. This is really painful but i know that God has a reason and yes we're asking for miracles. Thnk you so much for the kind words. Be strong too. God bless you Too. I know there's always sunshine after the rain.

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This sounds like something my father went through. He was dignosed with Mesothelioma, caused my asbestos. His lung doctor keep telling us that he didn;t think my father had cancer, so we got anothe opinion. The lung was so full of tumors and alot of blood come out when he was tubed. They drained it but it didn't take long to fill again. It had been colosped for a long time. It is a terrible thing to watch some one go through lung cancer....of any kind.

His brother was dignosed the same month with stage 4 also but from smoking. The died with 6 weeks of each other, on a Sunday and at 4pm ( give or take a few mintues. Enoy your time together, we had Sunday diners, parties. We laughed and cried. My father and I told each other what we needed to hear & say. The last 2 weeks we cried alot together. I told him all the time how much I would miss him & how much I loved him. The pain is so huge and there is nothing you can do. But he is no long in pain & suffering from it. I prayed every minute at the end that God would take him home.

The void will always be there, hold on to memories and make new ones while you have him here. Be strong for yourself and him. one day we will all be with our loved ones we loss. God Bless!!

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