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Muscle Soreness Nephrectomy Side

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Apologies if this has been discussed before. I haven't seen it.

Each time I get even a slight cough (much worse if I have a serious cough) I get really sore on the side my nephrectomy was on. Not at all on the other side. I'm 2 years out from my nephrectomy. I would have thought that the muscles would all be healed up by now.

The pain I've been having has been worrying me the past few days. The only thing I can figure out is it's the slight cough I've had. It does hurt when I cough.

Has anybody noticed this?

I have quite a large scar from my laproscopic surgery. In fact, I have 5 scars. 4 small ones, and one that's around 6" or more where they removed the kidney. It runs parallel to the ground and is on my mid abdomen but just below my rib cage on the right side.


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Hi Todd, It could be down to adhesions, I have had five major ops and two procedures. I often get pain particularly if I strain my stomach in any way. My doctor has advised me that it is because I have a lot of adhesions, so that may be the issue.


Djinnie x

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Hi Todd,

I massage my incision daily (as the doctor suggested since it left a lump - it has gone down some!). However I still have quite a sore spot and am 10 months past the surgery. Not sure how long these things take but sometimes I think the body really needs to take its time healing inside - especially where muscles are concerned. That being said....I would check out that pain with your doctor.



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Possibly that's what it is. I've had 3 surgeries on that side and the last one caused 5 scars, so I have 7 scars scattered from my right side lower rib down to my groin area.

Not very attractive, as if I'm worried about that these days. Lol.

Being alive is good. I'll pick alive over attractive when my back is against a wall. (Not that I was that attractive before I got sliced and diced!)



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don't follow any pattern. Some people don't get them. Some get many and painful ones. Check with yor surgeon and if he agrees, find a good physical therapist who can stretch them out. They can do amazing things with a technique called myofascial release.

Ed J
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I have a similar situation only I also have a slight mound under my rib cage where the incision was.

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