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Went to Surgeon Today for my Hip

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Went to the surgeon this morning and it went better than expected.  First thing coming in the door he said well things look pretty bad bet you are in a lot of pain and of course I answered yes.  They rate the scale of this condition from 1 to 6 and 6 being the worst and he said I'm definitely 6.  The other leg also has this and it is almost a probability that I'll have that replaced as well.  Should only be in the hospital for about 3 days then I'll get home physical therapy for three weeks, three times a week and then to outside PT at another facility.  He said that because I'm fit that the recovery should be very fast and back to normal in about 3 months.  I'm thinking about a couple months to have this surgery done and when he asked me when I wanted it I told him tomorrow and he laughed but I was serious.  I'm tired of not being able to do anything, especially walking because I'm just not a couch potato.  He opened his appointment book and said I've got next Monday or Wednesday and of course, Monday was sooner.  Had more blood work, EKG and x-rays all done this morning and then go into Primary Doctor tomorrow to get release for surgery.  My surgeon called right after getting home and said all tests came out normal and that he had an opening for Friday and so of course I said, I'll take it.  So Friday it is. 

The nurse was the one that acknowledged and asked if the radiation was the reason for the deterioration of the hip.  Of course, that is what I'm thinking as well. 

It will probably be time to have my other hip replacement very soon after this as the doctor told me that after this bad hip is done that the other one will start hurting because I'm not realizing it right now but I'll notice it when the bad hip gets better.  Ugggg.  Seems rectal cancer patients get the butt end of everything LOL. 

Had a very positive appointment though so I'm really relieved and doctor seems very nice.  He asked me what I know about hip replacements and I told him "that every hip joint has been recalled and all the attorneys are wanting you to call.  That is the extent of my knowledge."  He laughed and said that the commercials get everyone scared and they use something totally different.

I'm so glad I'm having this done and I'll try to post as soon as possible after surgery.  Please keep me in your continued prayers for a successful surgery.  This is coming upon me so fast I'm feeling I've got lots of things to do before and overwhelmed, but the sooner the better. 

Hugs!  Kim


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I am glad that you and the surgeon were in agreement to get that hip fixed.

My prayers for him to perform his best work ever and for you to have an easy recovery with splendid results.


Marie who loves kitties

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Proactive about your care. Such good news it's not cancer! You'll be doing a jig in no time : )

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for a good surgery and fast recovery.  You have really been proactive.  You remind us all to be our own advocates!  Way to go.

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Getting them out and getting on with you life is most important. 

I willbe sending prayers and vibes all of the way across the pond. 


Sue - Trubrit 

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wowsers girl! you just go.  Kim that is amazing you are moving ahead so fast on this.....good for you....sometimes best just to get that darned surgery over and done with. I know you are far from a couch potato Kim.  I have always loved your stories of your cooking and decorating and your family gatherings.  It must be so very hard for you with this walking disability. 

As for the side effects of our treatments.....I always think that someday people will look back on us the way we do....looking back perhaps to the Civil War and wondering how patients survived surgery without anesthetic.  Future cancer patients will I think wonder how we survived all the "primitive" chemoes and radiation and surgerySmile

sending you heaps of love and prayers for Friday and a speedy good recovery....


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I am glad you are getting the surgery Friday and I will be praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

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You have such a great attitude! I've heard that hip replacements go really well. I remember walking my dog and chatting to an older gentleman and he'd had one done just a couple of weeks before and was out walking with just a cane that he wasn't even using. Best of luck!!!

Cathleen Mary
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You did a great job advocating for yourself.....good for you!   Soon it will be behind you and there will be no stopping you.  Prayers for successful surgery and an uneventful recovery.



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Hi Kim -


The best thing I did for myself was to pack a backpack - book, water, meds etc.  That enabled me to walk around the house a bit less the first few weeks.


Keep pillows in your favorite chairs so the angle when you stand up is not so acute.


If they don't give it to you in the hospital, get a "grabber" - enables you to pick up things from the floor.


Good luck,


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Betsy.....a backpack is a brilliant idea.....don't know why I have never thought of that.  That would be good some days on chemo too when it feels like a mile from the couch to the kitchen.....thanks Betsy.....mags

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Your comments are so kind and thoughtful and thank you so much.  You've always been here through every step of my journey and this one is no exception.  I'm glad that the surgery came up within a couple days as I'm a worrier and this will give me less time to think about it, but this is one surgery (along with the hernia) that I'm welcoming.  The backpack and grabber are a great idea.  Today we went to look at raised toilet seats (something that they say you should use) and I'm thinking only old people use those but now I'm looking at it a whole different way.  I'm 56 and don't feel old so I've changed my mind on using a walker, cane, walking with a limp, and big potty seats Laughing.   You all are wonderful.  Tomorrow I'll have lots to do so I'll probably not be on the boards so I'm just letting you know next time you hear from me, I'll be chasing my doctor around the hospital bed - oh wait my husband will be there.  Oh well, I'll try Wink

Hugs! Kim

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Hey Kim,

I'm so glad that you're having the hip surgery on Friday, you're going to feel so much better when it's over and done with.  :)   A few months of rehab and you'll be running in a marathon by Spring!  :D

Best of luck with everything, it'll be fine.

Hugs (())


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Nana b
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Good deal.   Glad you have a plan. 

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