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Great news!

CSN is getting an upgrade. All of your posts will still be here, but the website will have a new look, new features and be mobile-friendly. To prepare for the changes, the site will be down briefly at the end November. We’ll continue to provide updates as we get closer.    

Good luck Max

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Good luck with your tests, tomorrow, Max!

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Max Former Hodg...
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Jim ! Where did you get that picture of me ?

Just got home from the prostate biopsy, which is done in the urologist's office.  It hurt WAY worse than I had anticipated, worse than I recall the bone marrow years ago, but my memory of that has faded somewhat.  Anyone unaware of how this is done can read about it at sites like WEB MD, but let me just say that it is one of the least dignified 30 minutes I ever spent in my life.  Results in two weeks. 

I am NOT WORRIED about this, and am fine.  Early-stage prostate cancer (if it is cancer) is very curable, with either removal or radiation.  Chemo is virtually never used against the prostate, and chemo is NOT CURATIVE agains prostate cancer; just a difference in the drugs and the type of cells involved.

The AMA recommends that all men 50 or older have an annual PSA test, which is a simple blood draw. It is a big-time life saver.

I thought I knew about cancer ! Not this stuff; had to begin from scratch.  A whole different world.


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That's  great Jim...too funny.

Max you are really such a great fighter.Your attitude and knowledge is very grounded. 

I wish you a clean bill of health  when results are in. 



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Hi Max!

Haven't been here in a long time and was wondering if you have an update? Hope everything is well with you and the results are what you wanted them to be.


All the best,



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We are hoping for the best news tomorrow.  No matter how strong we are, we all know the anxieties never leave.  Stay strong dear friend.  Our thoughts are with you and your family.


Love, Becky & Bill

Max Former Hodg...
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We discussed this a bit at the newer thread "Double-Boarder." Hope to see you there. Thanks for your kind sentiments, as always.

This new challanges looks to be relatively easy, but we shall see. Cut in the gut, or radiated -- just the equivalent of another night on the submarine !



Anonymous user (not verified)

what distinguishes night from day on a submarine?

Max Former Hodg...
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Excellent, GKH.  Actually an 18 hour day is used, in which the world is divided into  three six hour watches. And underway all ships use Greenwich Mean Time as there time zone, regardless of where they are in the world. This is referred to as Zulu Time.  So, not only do you not know day or night, you have no idea what time of day it is on the surface where you are at.

Al Stewart did a great song on his Year of the Cat CD entitled Life in Dark Water that converys a sense of this.

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