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Results from fracture

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I had a gall,six weeks ago. X-rays found avulsion fracture.   Have had recent ultra sound and ct on the groin and oooohhhhh boooyyyy, I'm devastated.   They found a tumor at the fracture site. Haven't had chemo since February.  All was looking so great. Scared, yep.  See orthopaedic surgeon and oncologist this week. Praying so much its not throughout bone. In fact just numb again from this.  radiation?  What do I expect.   Just sad for a moment, sorry.  Appreciate your prayers

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and good thoughts sent your way. I'm so sorry. Hopefully, the answers will be better than you expect. 



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I pray for everyone on here every night now that I know about it. An extra plea for you tonight. I'm so sorry you're dealing with something so scary.

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Please don't apologise. We all know the feeling, it is devastating, and you have every right to feel sad among other things.

my prayers join others, and will wait with you, alongsiide you, for the next move in this new journey. 

Sue - Trubrit

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Thank you all. Really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.   Have had blood and urine tests today. Will see,oncologist Tom and orthopaedic surgeon Thursday. it's the not knowing like most of u know. stay tuned. Xxoo

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I am so truly sorry to hear that.

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Out for you. So sorry to hear, try to stay strong.


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Sorry to hear the bad news. During my rectal cancer removal they had to remove some of my tailboneas a precaution. Thanks god it was not cancerous.

Yours sounds tougher, but I wish you all the best.


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Sending out positive energy, prayers and (((HUGS))) .. I wish you comfort going forward. 


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