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First cycle down...PET scan today

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Made it through the first cycle. Tuesday through Thursday weren't bad, but Thursday afternoon through Saturday were miserable. Nausea, diarreaha, and feeling like I'd been run over by a truck. Just exhausted now...Surprisingly, I didn't have much of an issue with the cold with the oxi... I have a PET scan today because the radiologist saw some small spots on my lungs on my CT scan. My oncologist doesn't believe they are anything to cause concern, so please prayers that his thoughts are true. 

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Prayers on the way.  Hoping all goes well with the scan.  It's always such an emotional time, and then waiting seems to be the worst.  Glad that the first treatment went well for you and wishing the rest goes just as well.



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for good results and strength after your  treatment.  My cycles seem the same as yours. The weekend after chemo was the hardest. Keep a positive outlook. It helps!



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My worst days were when I was wearing that pump. I felt great the week before the next round. Tell the doc about the side effects, there's a med for each one, sometimes more than 1 med. I'm sending it out to the universe those spots are nothing, best wishes



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