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Don't know if you saw this one:

Just wanted to tell you how beautiful that picture is of Foxy snuggling with her stuffed animal.  She has very interesting,  pretty ears, I think.   Amazing, she learned to ring a bell when she wants to go out.  My last two fox-terrier type dogs never were totally housebroken.  We tried and failed.   They both chose one particular rug under the piano.   My last pup would leave "presents," as you call them, in the driveway.  And my mother, who was quite a character, would occasionally, in freezing weather, get out a golf club and use it to get the presents away from the side of the house.  (temporary solution, I want you to know!)  Our neighbors were amused.

My beautiful Kat, Blue, falls asleep with her paw in my hand.  So cute.

Will try your suggestion for my Windows 8 laptop.   Everything shrinks on the screen.


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Thanks, Nancy :).  Foxy is proving to be a wonderful dog but she does try my patience at times like puppies (children) do I suppose ;).

She's not 100% house broken yet (but vastly improved) and she rings the bell when she just wants to go out and play or chase animals. Cold weather is coming and I don't think I'll want to indulge her that much when it's freezing outside.

Funny about your mom - I just have an image of it in my head that's hilarious. 

Hope you're doing well and hugs,


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